Liberia: Busy Monrovia Turns Ghostly as Protestors Gather at Capitol Hill


MONROVIA – June 7 is not one of Liberia’s holidays and President George Weah flutily did all within his executive powers to keep it that way, but the city has been locked down, schools are closed despite a warning from the Education Ministry and marketers and store owners have refused to do their regular businesses.

Despite the much-publicized mass demonstration against President Weah and his administration today, the President issued a directive ordering all employees of the government to turnout at work. Many pundits believe the directive was only intended to dilute the momentum of the ‘Save The State Protest’.

Central Monrovia is the heart of commercial activities in the capital, however, almost all stores are closed due to the uncertainty of what the protest might turn out to be. Waterside Market has also been abandoned today.

The organizers of the protest, The Council of Patriots, have repeatedly assured the government and citizens of managing the protest in a peaceful manner. 

Government has also deployed security in almost every major intersection conducting thorough search of all vehicles.

While Central Monrovia remains ghostly, protestors have begun gathering in bathes of hundreds from various locations across the city and assembling on Capitol Hill which hosts the seat of power, the legislature and the judiciary.

The Council of Patriots and their sympathizers are expected to present their petition to the Legislature and the office of the President by 3:00 pm local time.