Liberia: Bomi Residents Warn Representative Edwin Snowe to Back off Senatorial Race amidst ‘Unfulfilled Promises’

The residents of Senjeh District in Bomi County warned Rep. Snowe if he continues his quest to run for Senator comes December 2020 on the back of many unfulfilled promises, it will be a challenge and total disregard to them

Tubmanburg, Bomi County – A cross-session of citizens including chiefs, women and elder council of Senjeh District in Bomi County are calling on Representative Edwin M Snowe (District #1, Bomi County) to cancel his plan, if there is any, of contesting for a senatorial seat in the forthcoming midterm election.

Report by Gerald C. Koinyeneh, [email protected]

The citizens, in communication to Rep. Snowe, said, he still has a three-year mandate of the people from District #1 and unfulfilled promises made to them during his campaign. They warned their lawmaker if he continues his quest, it will be a challenge and total disregard for them.

“Please be reminded that you still have a mandate for the remaining three (3) years for the people of Senjeh and campaign promises to be fulfilled. However. If you decide otherwise, your decision will be considered a challenge and a total disregard to the people of Senjeh District,” the citizens including chiefs, women and elders warned Rep. Snowe.

In the letter, the citizens stated that they have been reliably informed of Rep. Snowe’s desire to contest the 2020 senatorial election, evidenced by former Senator Lahai G. Lansana’s open endorsement of his candidacy.

According to them, Rep. Snowe promised to improve education, women empowerment, healthcare delivery system and agriculture programs.

In addition, they alleged that Rep. Snowe promised to rehabilitate the road from Coleman Hill to Sackie Town and also promised to lobby with the government of Liberia for the construction of a high school for Gba-jakeh community within the district. But all of these, promises, they said, have not been fulfilled.

“Hon. Snowe, may we remind you that these promises are gone unfulfilled. To dare ask for additional responsibilities by electing you Senator is tantamount to making a mockery of us the citizens of Bomi, to say the least.”

Representative is one of several members of the House of Representatives that is reportedly contesting for a senatorial seat in the pending special senatorial election comes December 8, 2020.

His resignation from the former ruling Unity Party, followed by an open endorsement by former Bomi County Senator Lahai G. Lansana has fueled speculations of is intent to contest.

Rep. Snowe, elected to the House since 2005, served as Speaker of the House during the early stages of the 52nd Legislature.

He currently chairs the House Statutory Committee on Foreign Affairs and Liberia’s Parliamentary delegation to the ECOWAS Parliament.

Following the completion of his two terms as Representative of District #6 in Montserrado County, Snowe threw his hat in the Bomi County Electoral District #1 representative race in 2017 and emerged as winner.  In the process, made many new friends as well as political foes.

As speculations mount over his decision to trade his seat in the Lower House for the Upper comes December 2020, it appears some of his friends and supporters are not happy.