“Leave Yekeh Kolubah Alone” – Benoni Urey Urges Government


MONROVIA – The Chairman of the four opposition collaborating political parties, Mr. Benoni Urey, has warned the government of Liberia to leave Montserrado County District #10 Representative Kolubah alone.

Report by Edwin G. Genoway, Jr. [email protected]

“Look, these people keep on causing problem for themselves and not for Liberians. We want to use this occasion, as one of the political leaders in this country and a loud voice in this country to ask this government to leave Yekeh alone, everybody will not be for you, everybody cannot be for government,” Urey said.

According to Urey, it is unfair to Representative Yekeh Kolubah to be issued a writ and forwarded to court for something that has been alleged and leaving Rep. Acarous Gray who was also accused of the same crime without charges.

“I want to tell this government that they need to leave Yekeh Kolubah alone, you know, we should be fair in everything that we do as a government; Yekeh is a member of the Honorable House of Representatives, and he must be treated and respected as well, the law must protect Yekeh, and what is good for one citizen of Liberia must be good for the other; Acarous Gray did same as much they are alleging that  Yekeh did, Yekeh was not present when the man was beaten, it was alleged that that it was done near his house, why isn’t the government issuing a writ of arrest and embarrassing Gray as they are doing to Yekeh,” he said.

Both lawmakers, Gray and Kolubah have been accused by residents in their districts of allegedly ordering their (residents) beating.

Controversial Montserrado County District #10 Representative, Yekeh Kolubah is likely to be picked up by the police this week for alleged terroristic threat and criminal facilitation.

The Liberia National Police confirmed over the weekend that Rep. Kolubah has been charged for allegedly ordering the flogging and torturing of a resident of his district.

District #8 lawmaker Representative Moses Acarous Gray was also invited by the police last week for his alleged involvement in the flogging of Boye Cooper, a businessman in the district after a confrontation between the two.

Boye, the owner of a night club on 9th Street, had alleged that Rep. Gray instructed his bodyguards to beat him up after the two had had an exchange of words on Rep. Gray’s threat to close down his night club.

But Urey speaking on the Costa Show Monday, urged the Liberian government to stop dividing the people of Liberia “I tell you, with all that have happened in this country in the past, we would hope by now the government will be rethinking her strategy and be trying to unite the country and the people not to continuously divide us as a people and threaten us,” he said.