Human Rights Lawyer Atty. Kofi Woods Decries Leadership Deficit In Liberia


Monrovia – Renowned Human Rights lawyer, Atty. Samuel Kofi Woods says Liberia is currently experiencing a leadership deficit that is having crippling effects on the country and its people.

Speaking at a forum organized by the alumni of Saint Patrick’s and St. Theresa Convent Alumni Association, in Houston, Taxes, Atty. Woods said: “Liberia is in peril. The state is sick and needs resuscitation. There’s a leadership deficit and lawlessness of all sought, with scathing impunity. Growing up we knew about consequences. A nation with no consequences for bad behavior is bound to implode. Lack of consequences and impunity have become the twin norms of the day.”   

He continued: “Our nation’s capital is one of the dirtiest in the world but worse is the case of the academic filth taking over the educational institutions. Mediocrity taking over intellectual discourse. We must help clean the academic filth by supporting quality education, encouraging scholarship over mediocrity, merit over patronage, law and order over lawlessness and violence.”

‘Assault on Humanity’

Atty. Woods was invited to deliver the keynote address at the 27th Homecoming of the St. Patrick’s High School and St. Theresa Convent Alumni Association (Saints Friskies Alumni Association) in Houston, Texas on Saturday, May 28.

The event comes in the wake of the horrifying Texas school shooting that claimed the lives of 21 students (all below 10) and two of their teachers.

On May 24, 2022, 18-year-old Salvador Rolando Ramos fatally shot 19 students and two teachers, and wounded seventeen other people at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. This came after he shot his grandmother in the forehead at home, severely wounding her.

Speaking on the tragic event, the acclaimed International Human Rights Lawyer said the incident is an assault on humanity. He noted that America is sadly and increasingly losing its moral standing as a global leader on peace, stability and human rights; adding tt is betraying a global trust once heralded for democracy and the protection of its citizens. 

“There is something morally wrong when an 18 year old who does not qualify to buy alcohol can buy a deadly machine gun and pull a trigger that ends the dreams of so many. This is a tragic failure, and it is wrong! This is an assault on humanity. This is a failure of leadership;  and a nation that cannot protect its citizens ceases in value and worth.” 

Speaking further, he called on America to “respond collectively, decisively and urgently  to stop the mayhem on its streets and schools, churches and mosques, and supermarkets and malls; and the regular spectre of blood on the streets, floors, homes and various spaces of assembly in America.”  He added the killing of any human being anywhere must cause outrage for everyone everywhere in the world.

Liberia’s Inhumane and Tragic Mayhem

He was quick to point out that Liberia is entangled in a different kind of mayhem so inhumane and tragic: “a dishonorable legislature, politically subservient and corrupt judiciary and an executive without a compass to lead and a national leadership deficit.”

He lamented that mysterious deaths remain unanswered, disappearances, drug addiction and lack of accountability, lawlessness have all pervaded us.

Meanwhile, the 27th Reunion was organized to raise fund for the re-opening of the St. Patrick’s High School and support the programs for girls at St. Theresa’s Convent.

Speaking on the theme, ‘Seeding Excellence In Education’, Atty. Woods called on the alumni association and the community at large to emulate the good example of the Catholic Missionaries  who founded the St. Patrick and St. Theresa Convent by collectively striving to re-organize the Alumni Association in Liberia to adequately respond to the task at hand; adding “I personally pledge to work with our team at home to ensure that we are a faithful partner in this great vision of rebuilding our Alma Mater and support St. Theresa Convent.”

He called on the leadership alumni association to organize similar a home-coming program in Liberia in the shortest period; develop an Alumni volunteer program where professionals of the Alumni Association can volunteer their services to the schools in an organized and structure way, campaign to ensure that the government establish an educational and Health fund consistent with the dictates of the education laws of Liberia.

“We must encourage our Government to establish the Education and Health Fund. Our national investment in education through budgetary allocations , and our attitudes to governance and spending will show a commitment to seed excellence in education,” he added.