Former Soccer Icon Confirms 2017 Presidential Bid With Ambitious Promises


Monrovia – The dust is settled and speculations over as Liberia’s soccer icon, George Weah has formally declared that he will be a Presidential candidate in the ensuing 2017 general and Presidential elections.

“I George Weah on this 28th day of April 2016 here on the Grounds of the Congress for Democratic Change do hereby accept the numerous calls, your calls and declare before you my countrymen and the all mighty God that I shall contest the presidency of our beloved country in the 2017 National elections”- George Weah, Senator, Montserrado County and Political Leader CDC

Weah’s declaration Thursday that he will contest the Presidency is his second attempt for the prestigious position after he narrowly missed out on the post in 2005 before settling for the post of vice Presidential candidate during the 2011 election.

Speaking to hundreds of partisans at a well-attended political program he declared his intention to contest the Presidency of Liberia in the 2017 Presidential and general elections.

According to Weah his acceptance was in response to partisans of the party who petitioned him sometimes ago to contest the presidency.

“I George Weah on this 28 day of august 2016 here on the Ground of the Congress for Democratic Change do hereby accept the numerous calls your calls and declare before you my countrymen  and the all mighty God that I shall contest the presidency of our beloved country in the 2017 National elections”, said Weah.

“I have accepted these petitions because I have the vision of prospering Liberia and I will start summering of this Vision”, he added.

Substandard education a threat

The Montserrado County Senator and political leader of the opposition CDC in announcing his intention to contest the presidency said as President of Liberia he will declare substandard education a national Security threat and will work to improve the education sector by investing resources in the training of Teachers and reforming the sector.

The CDC senator and political leader also promised to invest in Technical and Vocational training by directing more resources for young people who might want to acquire education for employment outside of the formal education sector.

Senator Weah said: “As President, I will declare substandard education a National security threat since the failure to properly educate Liberians might lead to social tension in the future. I will direct more resources to improve the quality of education by investing in Teachers training, and benefits by reforming the overall education system”.

The CDC political leader is also promising to increase funding to vocational and technical training. “I will increase National budget for vocational and technical training. I will direct donor support to this program. These young people have the rights of gainful employment and as President I will support that right.”

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has earlier described as a mess the country Education sector and her regime is still facing challenges in reforming the sector.

Education Minister George Werner has said “radical” steps are needed to improve schools in Liberia, which struggled with the legacy of civil war even before Ebola left nearly 5,000 dead here and forced schools to close for months.

Welcoming collaboration

With declarations that no single political party can win the pending election, Weah said he is open to collaboration with other political parties.

He announced the CDC willingness to form collaboration with other political parties with similar vision in ensuring that the regime of the Unity Party comes to an end. He further said his acceptance of the petition is because he has the vision of prospering Liberia saying he is prepared to start this Vision.

“We remain open to political collaboration from other opposition political parties to join us in realizing the vision all partisans have to rededicate themselves to the struggle to free our country. All Liberians who endorse this vision will have to work harder to ensure it succeeds, hard work means you have to register to vote and remain engaged in the process”, Weah said.

His declaration brings to an end long running speculation about whether he will contest as running mate to other politicians in a collaboration or stand alone. Weah supporters have said, their Political leader will not go second to any candidate in collaboration even though they welcome collaboration.

News about Weah going as running mate to Vice President Joseph N. Boakai of the Unity Party and running mate with Charles Brumskine have also been speculated in the media.

Speaking on the country’s broken health sector the CDC political leader promised that as President he will rebuild Liberian broken healthy sector and by doing that will mean his government will increase the number of referral Hospitals in the Country and bring them to regional and global standard through a program that will strengthen capacity in the health sector.

Investment in Agriculture

Like many others he said as President he will reopen the National Agriculture Corporative Bank which he said once played an important role in providing finances to farmers.

“While setting up the bank we will support the sector by implementing a National Agriculture Procurement program”, said Weah.

Added Weah: “This program in addition to providing incentives to farmers, we will also buy commodities produced by small holders Liberians farmers.”

The declaration by Weah brings to two the number of Presidential candidates that have officially announced their intentions to contest the presidency.

Vice President Boakai also accepted a petition from the people of Lofa County to contest the presidency.

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