Finance Minister Tweah Urges Liberians to Give CDC Another Six Years to Effectuate Genuine Development


Monrovia – Samuel D. Tweah, the Minister of Finance and Development Planning says in the next six years Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) will transform Liberia more than any other government in the history of Liberia.

“Our greatest enemy is time. We need more time to flush out the broad purpose of development. In six years, George Weah will have ample time to take Liberia to where no man has ever taken it before,” he said.

The minister’s statement follows the historical passing of the 2023 Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) scorecard. The last time Liberia made a pass of the scorecard was with 10 out of 20 indicators.

This year, Liberia passed 12 out of the 20 indicators. The country is now eligible for consideration for a compact, after failing miserably in 2021.

Speaking over the weekend at a dinner organized in honor of the Finance Minister by the Mayor of Monrovia Jefferson T. Koijee, Minister Tweah told the gathering that his team is dealing with compact-related problems something he says will be addressed soon.

The Minister of Finance furthers that the board of the 2023 Millennium Challenge Corporation will be meeting soon to consider Liberia’s application.

Tweah said: “We will present a strong case that the recent passing of the MCC scorecard shows sustained and even indicators where we had not passed -we are almost passing all across. So, it shows that we are committed to fighting corruption, and it shows that we are making investments all across the sectors. We are going to put more investment in education and health going forward.”

“And so, we are looking for more resources from the United States and we are grateful for the first MCC compact, we love MCC support because it is tied to the private sector. It resolves constraints. When get the MCC grant means you are doing something concrete to bring people out of poverty,” he said.

Mr. Tweah still speaking said the tough decisions taken by President George Weah during the early stage of his regime have led the country to the successful passing of the 2023 Millenium Challenge Corporation, (MCC) scorecard.

According to him, since the inception of the CDC-led government, there have been lots of fights to reform the governance structure of Liberia.

“For his (Weah) administration to pass, is a clarion call to the world that everything that has been said about this man (Weah) since his ascendency is rubbish because the MCC calculation is not politically-based -their interest is in evidence and data,” Minister Tweah.

He added: “The MCC scorecard has validated that we are good in justice, we are giving people economic freedom and we are investing in people. We are controlling corruption. We have started the most significant step within corruption.”

Liberia Will Pass 15 Indicators Next Year

Also, Liberia’s Finance Minister speaking says despite the passing of 12 indicators this year, Liberia is certain to pass 15 indicators next year.

The Minister says he will be calling a major meeting of all of the government entities to say thank you to everybody for the passing of the MCC scorecard.

“We are going to look at our compact itself, how we are approaching the state’s department, the MCC, and everything about the compact,” he said.

For the first time, we have 12 now. Given the tenacity of the government and all of the entities giving their determination to work under the auspices of the President, we are going to pass 15 indicators next year.