‘False Doctrine’: Dr. Amos Sawyer Welcomes Secular State


Bopolu, Gbarpolu County – The head of the Governance Commission of Liberia, Dr. Amos C. Sawyer says he welcomes the Liberia Council of Churches recent position against Christianizing Liberia, pledging support for the country to be a secular state.

This, he said will create peaceful coexistence for various religions and promote religious tolerance across the country as well as enhancing national development.

Dr. Sawyer told a gathering in Gbarpolu County at the weekend that the debate for Liberia to be Christianized cannot hold ground because there were other religions practiced in the country long before the arrival of the settlers whom he said introduced Christianity.

Speaking when Deputy Minister Varney Sirleaf presented the Imam Mosque to the people of Gbarpolu County, he expressed –  “Islam was long here before Christianity came to Liberia and it helped the Christians settlers to live in peace. “

“We can further boast for the benefit of those of our people who have been preaching the false doctrine that Liberia should be a Christian state. In the last few days, the Liberia Council of Churches has spoken clearly”.

Dr. Sawyer’s statement was in line with recent declaration by the Liberia Council of Churches that Liberia should be rather secular to that of a Christian state as being proposed through a constitutional amendment.

“My friend Sumaworo, I appeal to you now, to resume your relationship with your brothers in the inter-religious council and let the role that each one has played in creating Liberia and ensuring peace and developments continue side by side with your Christian brothers and sisters”, Dr. Sawyer stressed.

The Governance Commission Chair at the same time lauded the AS Charitable Society through its representative from Saudi Arabia, Dr. Al Hadbi for the project, terming his visit as one geared towards development and enlightenment

He at the same time expressed that development in Liberia cannot move forward if there is no root of discipline and faith, respect for humanity, saying it is in the interest of partners that encouraged the Arab nationals to invest in Liberia’s Muslim Community.

Dr. Sawyer stated that the togetherness of both Muslims and Christians in fostering education will create a community of healthy children, thus admonishing Muslims across Liberia in particular to prioritize education for their children, especially females to take charge of Liberia’s future.

He named education as one of the important factors which, according to him, is not only an opportunity but helps in strengthening what he termed as common brotherhood and advanced civilization in the country.

Mufti returns to inter-religious council

Meanwhile, the Grand Mufti of Liberia, Sheik Abubakar Sumaworo has announced his return to the inter-religious Council of Liberia, stating that he will consolidate with his colleagues from the Muslim Community in avoiding such a decision.

Sheik Sumaworo said the Muslim Community is fully willing to return to the council in working out modalities that will keep the collaboration for future growth.

The Grand Mufti of Liberia recently announced his disassociation with the Inter-religious Council on grounds that he foresees the religious body supporting the proposition to Christianize Liberia.

His reconsideration comes days after the Liberia Council of Churches announced its stance against the proposition to Christianize Liberia.

“I will like to discuss that here before it can be discovered on the Day of Judgment. It is our responsibility to serve the people. Our relationship with our friends Christians is holy and respected not by we the Muslims in Liberia but Allah in the holy Quran” said Sheik Sumaworo.

He noted that his faith teaches peaceful coexistence as one of their obligatory duties as Muslims toward Non-Muslims.

The Muslim prelate said, “We are fighting hard and no one will provoke us to move us from our path. We will continue to be on the path of peaceful coexistence just as our grandfather, Chief Sao Boatswain did in protecting immigrants in this country when they were about to be opposed by some of us.”

Meanwhile, Deputy Internal Affairs Minister Varney Sirleaf lauded the people of Gbarpolu County for accepting development noting that it brings joy to the Muslim Community in that part of Liberia.

Willie N. Tokpah – [email protected]