Liberia: Rep. Munah Pelham Clarifies Statement on Amending the Constitution to Give Pres. Weah a Third Term

According to Rep. Munah Pelham-Youngblood her assertion about the amendment of the Constitution to give Pres. George Weah was a projection she was giving during an interview after 2017 elections

MONROVIA – Representative Munah Pelham-Youngblood has responded to a video that has gone viral on Facebook where she is heard speaking about the amendment of the Constitution in a referendum to give President George Weah a third term in the presidency.

In her Facebook post, the Montserrado County District #9 lawmaker said, the video was edited by her political opponents who want to incite the public against her.

“My attention has been drawn to this poor propaganda, lazy opposition. Your cut, edited and paste a full interview just because you want to incite the public against me. It will not hold. I am the intellectual queen, I can defend myself,” she said.

According to her, there was a question from the interviewer about what was her projection of the Weah administration…what should the Liberian people expect? She responded by saying: “He’s going to do the extraordinary to the point I can predict that after his tenure the Liberian people will seek a referendum to keep him for the 3rd term”.

“I was responding and it was my projection. This interview was done in 2017 after the election,” she said.

The video on Facebook has been met with mixed reaction by the public, some have described it as a leaked plan by the CDC Government to change the Constitution to give president Weah a third term while others have supported the claims made.

Since her return from a long sick leave in the United States, Representative Young-blood has been in the mix of controversies. At one point, she sent out an open challenge to Senator Abraham Darius Dillon of Montserrado County to produce his WAEC certificate and high school Diploma.

The District #9 lawmaker challenge was in defense of her partisan Abu Kamara, Representative of District #13 Montserrado County who, according to her, was told by Senator Dillon that they are in a different league.

Senator Dillon responded by calling on his supporters to pray for a speedy recovery and wants her focus her strength on advocating for a better health sector of Liberia for underprivileged people who might not have the opportunity she had to fly abroad for treatment.