Charles Brusmkine’s Wife Promises Better Liberia Under Husband’s Leadership


Monrovia – The wife of the opposition Liberty Party’s (LP) standard bearer, Estelle Brumskine has admonished Liberians to vote for the Party in the upcoming presidential election for the betterment of the country.

Report by Augustine T. Tweh – [email protected]

She made the statement on Wednesday, October 4, 2017 when she appeared on the Truth Breakfast Show on Truth FM.

Estelle said the Liberty Party’s is an integrity oriented party that will give Liberians a better Liberia they deserve; emphasizing that Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine cares for every single Liberian.

“I know the kind of person my husband is. I know that he cares about every Liberian and whatever position he is in he will serve to the best of his ability,” she said.

She also said Cllr. Brumskine comes from a humble background and believes in Liberia and cares for the people of Liberia.

“My husband comes from a very humble background. It’s amazing that people tried to paint a picture of him that is not really him.”

“Charles really cares for this country, he really cares for Liberia.”

“His ambition to contest the presidency is all about the Liberian people trying to make a difference,” Estelle noted.

She further stated that as first Lady of Liberia she will make sure that the women of Liberia are empowered to meet the needs of their family.

Mrs. Brumskine noted that the women of Liberia have suffered for too long and it’s time that women rise up against poverty, lack of healthcare service, bad road conditions and the lack of adequate education for their children.

“I know what is like to be put out of school for school fees, I know what is like to see your struggle to see her children live a better life, so I grew up with lot of challenges.”

“My mother used to struggle just to put food on the table for us; she struggled just to send me to a good school so I know what some of the issues are.”

“I have been through some of the challenges that I see other people going through, I relate to them and identified with them, so some of these things are not strange to me,” she averred.

She asserted that if given the opportunity to serve as first lady, she will institute programs that will cater to healthcare, education and the empowerment of women across the country to improve their living conditions. 

“Politics is all about caring for people and trying to improve the lives of people, so if Liberians elect him on October 10, I am there and I will be there working along with him and being very supportive of him, because I understand the role of being a first lady,”  Estelle said.

Estelle Brumskine is the wife of Charles Walker Brumskine, the political leader of the opposition Liberty Party who came third in the 2005 presidential election and a senior partner of the Brumskine& Associates, a leading law firm in Liberia.

Brumskine became politically prominent in the 1990’s as an ally of Charles Taylor, political leader of the National Patriotic Party, who won the 1997 presidential election.