CDC Chairman Blames Delayed Police Investigations for Ritualistic Killings Propaganda


MONROVIA – The Chairman of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC)  Mr. Mulbah Morlu says, the police delay to investigate claims and deaths linked to ritualistic killings has heightened the propaganda by some individuals to present a picture of insecurity in Liberia.

The CDC chairman also frowned on individuals who are involved in taking the lives of other Liberians for ritualistic or any other purpose and called for their prosecution for such “barbaric act”. He noted that “they do not deserve a place amongst real people.”

“The problem has been the police delay in investigating allegation of such nature. Whenever police delay in investigation, it creates a corridor through which propagandist spin things out of control and make government look bad.”

Speaking at a news conference Wednesday at the headquarters of the CDC in Congo Town, he  however expressed delight over recent posturing of the police to get to the bottom of some of the claims which he said were stage manage based on findings from Police investigation which he has had access to.

“I am glad that the Police are now becoming robust so that the security of the state cannot be compromised by false alarms and inserting fear without any basis,” he said.

The CDC chairman also blamed the news of ritualistic killings to “hate” in the minds of some Liberian politicians who he believes are bent on seeing that the CDC government doesn’t succeed in its developmental goals by proving an atmosphere of insecurity.

“Just because you don’t want to see the success of a particular political party or individual does not provide the basis to crate false alarm of insecurity in our country. And to be honest, as someone who has kids, we all are frightened by stories that people or kids are being murder.

“Despite your political affiliation no Liberia will continence the death of a Liberia and we all want to see Liberia free of ritualistic killings. If there is any serious allegation to sure that a ritualistic killing has taken place we want to see a robust police response that brings corporates to justice and a mechanism that prevents ritualistic killings.

 “The CDD takes seriously the lives of others and we want to see justice done. Why we show concern and condemned such activity which is not new, and also claimed police investigation has shown that most of what has been as ritualistic killings have been stage manage.”

Meanwhile, Chairman Morlu has announced the launch of a new chapter in the CDC history which is a reloaded version of the CDC revolution.