Brumskine’s Liberty Party Welcomes Defected Lomax From Urey’s ALP


Gbarnga, Bong County – The former chairman of the All Liberian Party, Emmanuel Lomax  has officially joined Liberty Party. Lomax, a native of Sanoyea district, broke ranks with ALP’s political leader citing personal problem.

Report by Selma Lomax, [email protected]

Thousands of citizens from the fifteen administrative districts of Bong County thronged the Gbarnga administration building – venue of the program – as early as 08:00 local time Friday to show solidarity with Lomax.

The citizens said Lomax’s defection to the Liberty Party was timely, and vowed to actualize their loyalty to Lomax by joining the party.

Marcus Brown, an entrepreneur in Gbarnga, said his decision to abandon his business and attend Friday program was intended to show support to Lomax.

He said: “I am a staunch supporter of Lomax and that’s why I abandoned my busy schedule to attend the program.”

Another citizen, Godfrey Peter, said Lomax’s defection to the Liberty Party is yet the greatest thing to happen to the party from Bong.

In his speech, Lomax said his decision to join Liberty Party was to ensure the party win the presidential election 2017.

Lomax told the cheerful audience that he has no regrets leaving the All Liberian Party.

“Let me tell you my fellow citizens. I have no regrets leaving Benoni Urey’s ALP.

“Why will I be in a party where one person decides on everything? I will teach Urey lesson 2017.”

Lomax said he would tour the nook and crannies of Bong County to ensure Liberty Party wins the next ruling party.

In his remarks, Lofa County Senator and a partisan of the party, Steve Zargo, said it was now time citizens of Liberia rise up against the ruling Unity Party.

Senator Zargo said it would be sad to see the ruling Unity Party govern for another six years, totalling 18 years.

Also speaking, Grand Bassa County Representative Baron Brown said Liberians are not prepared to elect someone who sleeps.

He said: “This is not a time to elect a sleepy oldman who would spend more time sleeping rather then concentrating on the developing of the country.”

An elated Charles Brumskines, political leader of the Liberty Party was full of praise for Lomax.

He asked for a standing ovation for Lomax, describing his defection as a significant milestone for the party, party in its quest of capturing Bong County.