Bong County Endorse Vice President Joe Boakai Presidential Bid


Gbonota, Bong County – The residents of Walahun,Nyallie and Menquelleh Clans in Sanoyea District, Bong County have petitioned Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai to contest the 2017 Presidential election and have issued statements of support at programs held in Gbonota Saturday.

In separate statements to Vice President Boakai, the people of Marquelleh Clan said “in consultation with our inhabitants we hereby present to you this statement of support because you have worked as Vice President of Liberia for over ten years serving with sincerity and honesty.”

The Marquelleh people in the statement pointed out that Vice President Boakai has always been there to make peace and have always created opportunities for the education of young people and they recalled that during the Ebola outbreak Vice President Boakai provided Ebola prevention materials to the people of Bong County.

The inhabitants of Marquelleh said the construction of the road from the Red Light to Ganta in Nimba County under the Unity Party led Government was a great relief to them because they can easily take their produce to the market.

Also in a statement of support to Vice President Joseph Boakai, the people of Wallapolu Chiefdom in Sanoyea District said the reason for the invitation extended the Vice President to Gbonta was to petition him for the Presidency of Liberia in October this year.

They said they have been yearning to petition an indigenous son of the soil to go as president, the statement went on to say. They Clan of Nyallah pointed out that they are pleased to acknowledge the effort of the Unity Party led government to have constructed a 22 bed room health facility in the area.

For their part the residents of Walapolu Clan said they were joining the other clans in pledging their support to Vice President Boakai in the ensuing presidential and general elections come October this year.

The three statements were presented to Vice President Boakai by the Chiefs of the three clans.

In his response to the statements of support presented to him, Vice President Boakai said he was glad to see the residents in their numbers on this occasion, saying when people believe in you, and have expressed such an overwhelming support, all I have to say is thank you.”

Vice President Boakai said, “today we are here to receive your blessings, our job is to make sure we serve you, we know your situation because we came from there.”

Vice President Boakai said Liberia is 169 years old and that the projects we are talking about today should have happened more than hundred years ago, nonetheless, the Vice President said, we have to take steps to create an environment for the development of the nation, it is not late.

Vice President Boakai informed the people of the three clans that he will work with them to install the second ferry on the saint Paul River. He was responding to appeals of the people for a ferry in that part of the County.

The inhabitants said thousands of people will benefit and economic activities will boom if a ferry is launched in that part of the Saint Paul River. This will be the second ferry on the river provided by the Vice President.

The three clans and their sister Clan of Wolala across the Saint Paul in Gbarpolu County then presented gifts to the Vice President. He took a kickoff at a football match in his honor in Gbonota.