ANC Executive Committee Rescinds Majority Youth Wing Decision to Suspend Chairman Myers


Monrovia – The Executive Committee of the opposition Alternative National Congress has overturned a decision by majority members of party’s youth wing to suspend its Chairman, Benjamin Myers.

According to a document from the party’s Executive Committee, the decision of the youth wing contravenes the party’s constitution.

“In response to the fracas involving the Youth Congress of the Alternative National Congress yesterday, the National Executive Committee met on today and wishes to inform the public that the decision of majority of the Youth Congress Executive Committee to suspend its Chairman was a procedural breach in violation of Articles 24 and 27 of the party’s Constitution on the procedure for suspension of an elected national officer of an organ within the party,” report from the ANC Executive Committee singed by its National Secretary, Aloysius Toe stated.

“As such, the Executive Committee has therefore rescinded the decision to suspend Mr. Benjamin Myers.”

On Sunday, June 7, an opposing group calling for Myers’ suspension moved to the Ducor Palace Hotel in central Monrovia where they released a statement, calling for the indefinite suspension of Myers as the Youth Chairman of the party.

The opposing group then named partisan James Morris as acting chairman of the ANC’s Youth Wing.

Reading the statement on behalf of the opposing group, Kesselly Mulbah said the action to suspend Myers was in line with the party’s constitution, which was allegedly breached by embattled youth chairman.

“The Executive Committee of the Indomitable National Youth Congress has unanimously voted to suspend Mr. T. Benjamin Myers for an indefinite period and forward him to the grievance and ethics committee for investigation,” Mulbah said.

But in reversing that decision, the EC said an Ad-hoc Grievance & Ethics Committee has been instituted to investigate the Sunday, June 7 violence and the allegations made against Mr. Benjamin Myers by other executives of the youth congress.

The Committee is expected to produce its report within five working days, according to the EC.

At the same time, the Executive Committee has invoked a “Police Power” over the youth wing with immediate effect, pending outcome of the investigation.

“That in line with Article 25, Section 1 of the Constitution, Sen. Daniel Naatehn, Chairman of the party and with the support of the EC, has invoked “police power” over the Youth Congress, abrogates the powers of the leadership and hereby suspend all its activities,” the statement read.

“Chairman Naatehn shall herein exercise all powers of the Chairman of the Youth Congress and serve as its singular leadership pending the investigation report within five (5) working days.”

Meantime, the ANC, through its EC has assured the public of its commitment to ensuring that such an unfortunate incident does not repeat itself.