ALP Plans National Prayer Day For Peaceful Elections


Monrovia – The political leader of the All Liberian Party (ALP) Mr. Benoni Urey has disclosed plans to hold a victory parade and an inter-religious thanksgiving service for peaceful elections in Liberia.

The service which is expected to be held at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium in Monrovia has been the “The Day of The White Handkerchief”.

It would be held on October 8.

Mr. Alexander Whapoe, Executive Advisor to Urey, told this paper that the ALP is inviting all political leaders, government officials, international community and religious leaders to be part of the prayers to ensure a non-violent election.

“Not only are we committed to ensuring that this election is free of violence, but we want to meaningfully contribute to making it violence free by asking for the intervention of the almighty God. It doesn’t matter which faith you belong to, it’s an inter-religious affair,” he said.

“We think this the greatest degree of statesmanship. Instead of campaigning on the final day, we would rather be seeking God’s blessings for the entire country,” he added.

Urey has constantly promised to ‘give Liberia back to Liberians’ if elected President and extend modern life out of Monrovia.

Speaking to thousands of supporters during the launch of his election campaign at ATS, Urey said, “I’ll make sure I change Liberia. I want to tell that All Liberian Party – your party – is about to change your life.”

According to Urey, he will clean the country’s ‘messy’ education system and strengthen healthcare delivery.

“I know our education system is a mess, I know our healthcare is also in a bad shape and I also know our road network is also very bad; but I can assure you my people, come January 18 after the All Liberian Party has taken over government changes will take place in this country,” Urey said.

He said he and his team will fix the country’s slumping economy and create jobs for Liberians.

“We’ll put money in your pocket. We’ll create jobs for you,” he promised.

 He reiterated the he will uproot corruption and irrespective of who is involved in it, he will make sure that the law takes it course in prosecuting corrupt officials and individuals.

The ALP political leader observed that President day Liberia is being run by men, not laws, but promised that he would ensure that Constitution is respected and upheld.

“Our Constitution has continuously been violated. The Supreme Court made a decision that violates the Constitution, but your party, the All Liberian Party will ensure that our laws are respected.”

His government, he said, will create equality by “taking the money from the big shots” in Monrovia and investing it in all the counties.

As part of his campaign promise, he said being a successful businessman, he will arrange with investors to establish factors in all counties as part of his moves to create jobs for Liberians.