Ahead of June 7, Kimmie Weeks Urges All Parties To “Act Responsibly”


MONROVIA – Internationally acclaimed Liberian humanitarian and Dr. Weeks has urged all parties to conduct themselves in a peaceful and responsible manner during the planned June 7th protests. 

Dr. Weeks, who is an independent candidate in the upcoming Montserrado County Senatorial by-elections said that he was particularly concerned about the risk of violent clashes between pro and anti-government supporters.   He made the statements when he spoke to a cross-section of journalists over the weekend. 

Answering a series of questions presented by the journalists after he received a  certificate of award from the Destined Kids Assistance program on May 31st, Dr. Weeks said he believed strongly that it was the right of every Liberian to protest and therefore agreed that the protestors must be allowed to exercise that right, “I am a strong believer that Liberians have the right to assemble and protest for whatever reasons they think is important and towards this end, the June 7th protestors can and must enjoy this constitutional right,” Dr. Weeks explained.    He nevertheless implored the organizers of the protests to ensure that they acted responsibly and called on the government to provide adequate security for those who decided to form part of the protests.  “With rights, come responsibilities,” said Dr. Weeks “it is important that even as protestors exercise their right to protest, they must do so responsibly and take all measures to ensure that their actions always remain in the confines of the law.”   Weeks went on to say: “It is very critical that the government provides sufficient security so that the protestors are not attacked and also for protest leaders to ensure that they have modalities in place to ensure that protestors remained calm and orderly.”   

Weeks highlighted that that greatest risk from the protest could be if supporters of the ruling party taunted, insulted or attacked protestors.   Weeks encouraged the ruling party to begin to communicate with their members not to confront the protestors.  “I would encourage President Weah and the ruling CDC party to spend the next several days talking to their members and asking them not to confront the protestors under any circumstances to prevent any chance of clashes between sides.  We must prevent attacks and or violence and allow the protestors to express themselves freely and without intimidation.”   

Dr. Weeks said that the Weah led government needs to see this protest as a test of its tolerance and ability to protect and uphold the rights of all citizens.    “This is an important moment for President Weah’s young Presidency, and I can only hope that he will take all measures to ensure that it ends peacefully and without major incident.”