Above Fray: In Nimba, Issues-Driven Cummings Targets Solutions to Liberia’s Problems


Bahn, Nimba County – Ahead of the start of the presidential campaign slated for July 31, 2017, the standard bearer of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander Cummings, has stated that his campaigns will focus on the issues affecting the people of Liberia and the proffering of solutions to these problems.

Report by Selma Lomax, [email protected]

“That’s why I have never attacked my opponents in these elections. I believe we are all Liberians and we have one thing in common: Liberia.”

“During my campaigns I will not attack any of my opponents in the race but will raise issues affecting Liberians and how the ANC intends to solve these problems,” said of Cummings when he rounded off his two-day tour of electoral district four, Nimba County.

According to Cummings, unlike others who have had no political message and have rather made him the subject of incessant character assassinations, his campaign will be devoid of personal attacks and insults to his opponents.

The ANC standard bearer made this known on Tuesday, July 25, 2017 when he addressed over 100 pastors from across Nimba County who had converged in Nimba to endorse his bid for the Liberian presidency.

Mr. Cummings’ response was in direct response to an appeal made to him by the pastor of the Bethel Outreach Pentecostal Church, Philip Yormie, Snr. In his appeal, Pastor Yormie .

“I would like to take this moment to appeal to you Honorable Cummings not to join those presidential candidates who are attacking each others. Continue to remain different from them as we have observed you over the past six to seven months,” he added.

In his response, Cummings added: “I have talked of nothing but issues confronting the people everywhere I have gone. I have never gotten myself involved in personal comments.”

“My comments are about the record of my opponents and their policies, which I believe, are not in the interest of our country.”

“That is the position I have taken and will continue to be my position all through this campaign,” he said.

Associating himself with comments made by Pastor Yormie on the need to industrialize the economy, the ANC standard bearer stressed that “this is why a very important part of our program, which I am sure you’ve heard, is the need to industrialize our country and do it equitably across the country.”

Mr. Cummings explained that “we have decided on this strategy of development because it is the way all our people, in all areas of our country, can participate in the progress of our nation. By the same token, we are saying that the development that lasts is one that is at the base of our society.”

Again, in response to Pastor Yormie’s comments on the adverse effects of corruption on the development of the country, Cummings indicated that this statement by Pastor Yormie shows how deep the understanding of where Liberia finds herself in, under the Unity Party-led government.

“Leaders, instead of concentrating on administering the monies of the country in the interest of the people, rather see it as a way to put the money in their pockets. I want you and the people of Nimba to understand that I did not come into politics to amass wealth at the expense of the Liberian people,” he said.

“That is not the reason why I am in Liberian politics. I am vying for the ultimate position in our country as somebody who is going to do an honest job and look after the monies of the people in their interest and not in my personal interest.”

Campaign promises will be attainable

The ANC standard bearer declared that he would not allow the quest for political power to drive him into making promises that he cannot fulfill.

He told citizens of Bahn in Nimba County that the various promises he had made were carefully thought out and analyzed, and the conclusion reached was that they were attainable.

“People now refer to me as talk and do because what I say is what I do. I don’t make huge promises just to appease you when I am not in the capacity to do so.”

“Any promise I make just rest assure that it will be fulfill,” Cummings added.

Mr. Cummings indicated that the fact that the Unity Party-led government had failed to fulfill the major promises it made to the people of Liberia did not mean he (Cummings) would also fail the people when he was elected as President of Liberia.

Mr. Cummings contended that Unity Party had no justification asking to be given another six years in power since it had only inflicted pain on Liberians.

Stressing that the time when politicians could use lies to move people to their side was gone, the ANC standard bearer pointed out the need for politicians to abide by the rules of the game to help build a strong democracy.

He reiterated that it was unacceptable for only the rich in society to provide the best education for their children.

“This is why I am appealing to God to give me the presidency and this will be the thing of the past.”

Mr. Cummings also promised that the welfare of teachers would receive prime attention under his presidency.

He said having gone round the country, he was worried about youth unemployment and pointed out that a government that was unable to fight youth unemployment to appreciable levels was not worth another term in office.