Liberia: The Truth Is Coming Out of The Bag


So the truth is out of the bag, or all coming out of bag. While the illiterate electorates of that country are of the opinion that the two elephants standing on the grass and ready to carryout a vicious political fight that is likely to end in bloodshed come 2023 are in Washington clandestinely behaving like they are lobbying on welfare of the country and its citizens.

By James Davis

Instead the ruling party using the US MCC in order to get a foot in the White House with a meeting with US President Joe Biden.

On the other hand, the opposition already knows about the ruling party political tricks, and saying two can play that game to win the mind of the White House and Congressional leaders.

The truth is out of the bag as was analyzed by James Davis responding to a post in the comment section of FPA previous reports about concerning the Liberian delegation to Washington. It did not take too long for the truth to come out. That the visits and lobbies going on have nothing whatsoever to do with or about the Liberian people.

This was a plan lied and political conspiracy to drag and to force a superpower to choose winners and losers. As this terrible movies have been played many, many times before against the Liberian people, with disastrous and terrible ending.

Something that the world only Superpower that directed those terrible political movies ending in destruction and bloodshed, can not even put that country back to its pre-war days. But the nation’s two elephants are wasting no time and gearing up for a do or died battle. And asking for the political blessing of the only Superpower that can choose who wins and who will be politically outcast.
Keep thinking that US five hundred million dollars coming your way through the MCC. The opposition knows that the ruling party has started cooking already. And for them two can cooked the pepper soup.

It is time for the legislature to pass a law that any political party that will registered a foreign agent or as a foreign agent in another country, the same must be applied with the Foreign Ministry. Even that of the government in power. The amount of lobby fees must be made as a public information. With the law stating how much the government can spend on lobby, and how much the political party can spend. For security purposes, all lobbies by Liberian citizens and government must be controlled.
Hundreds thousands or quarter of a million or more to spend on lobby to a foreign country without legislative oversight, too dangerous.

But do the illiterate electorates care ? Do the citizens even care about anything ?
What they do not know will not hurt them. But will keep them backwards.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
The two elephants are asking to be nominated by the White House to be President of Liberia.