Supreme Court Opens Liberia’s 2017 Election Floodgate


The Supreme Court of Liberia and its 3 wise men and 2 wise women opened the floodgates to the 2017 elections. No more excuses of “I could have won and got elected President” if the Supreme Court did not prevent me from contesting.” 

But that is not good enough an excuse for the Supreme Court to abuse its authority by first ruling the Code of Conduct law as constitutional and then ruling in a similar case unconstitutional.

But this too is Liberia where we take one next step forward and two steps backward. Only in Liberia.

Now we have 22–not 2–but 22 Liberians running for the presidency for such a small country?

Because government da de gravy train. God saved Liberia. And now there are nearly 1000 Liberians competing for 73 House of Representatives jobs? 

All because the Ellen regime turned the government into an elephant meat, a free for all chopping time.

This is why we are witnessing this frenzy in the 2017 races because everyone wants some elephant meat.

See why some candidates were predicting they will, be on the ballot and not even the biblical King Pontius Pilate would stop them?

In Liberia, politics is driven by “Brown Envelops” in seeking the political kingdom of government.

True or not, and before overturning its own previous ruling on the constitutionality of the Code of Conduct law, reports surfaced that Chief Justice Francis Kporkpor had disguised himself and played yet another biblical character: Nicademus.

The popular Henry Costa Radio Talk Show did broadcast that the Chief Justice of Liberia had camouflaged himself and went incognito to see King Jesus, oops, sorry, make that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf at her seafront mansion in the middle of the night about letting all Liberian Presidential and legislative hopefuls enter into the political kingdom of running a corrupt government.

CJ Kporkpor reportedly was unmasked by some sharp-eyes ESP Presidential guards who noticed him.

“Aren’t you Chief Justice Francis Kporkpor of the Supreme Court of Liberia, and you and your wise Justices are to rule soon on the Code of Conduct case involving Harrison Karnwea and Jeremiah Sulunteh?” the guard politely asked him. 

An embarrassed CJ Kporkpor, the great jurist might have pondered his King Solomon-like reply and murmured and played yet another biblical figure, Peter: “No, I don’t know the CJ but they say we look alike. The President sent for me,” CJ Kporkpor may have as well said in his heart. 

The Henry Costa Radio show said the ESP guard who recognized the CJ said the great lawyer left the President’s home after 2 .a.m. and the poor guard was reportedly fired for doing his job. Days later the Supreme Court ruled that the elections was free for all and that opened the floodgates where we now have over 1000 Liberian applying for 75 government jobs.

So I let them run that we don’t have to put up with crybabies. And this too is Liberia.  

Jerry Wehtee Wion,
Journalist and Political Commentator
Washington, DC. USA