Protect Democratic Rights: A Humble Appeal To President Weah

CDC revolutionary struggle days , from left to right:  1. Jamie Morris  2. George Weah 3. Charles Cooper  4. Chorpie Charlie

Full Disclosure

Of course, currently, I am a strong supporter of the President, a founding member of the grassroots CDC, and played various roles in the party. In 2016, due to internal squabbles, I became separated from the CDC, and supported the candidacy of Benoni Urey. Returned and supported the CDC  to win the 2017 election.

By Chorpie Charlie  [email protected] 

Purpose of this Appeal 

To the chagrin of his many critics, George Manneh Weah has indeed scored big. Completed one full year of his administration, without the niceties of international flattery, Liberia is still governable. This feat, many dark and gloom prophets predicted would never happened. However, as we move into the second year of his Presidency, some of us are incline to anticipate a more radical.engagement from the Unity Party led Opposition, especially in the face of suspension of student’s politics at the University of Liberia. Thus provoking our conscience to offer this  appeal.

This piece is not a critique of President Weah or the CDC government, neither should it be construed as such. Our attempt here, is simply a reminder and motivation to keeping the promised of the CDC revolutionary struggle.  The CDC won the 2017 election due to a simple fact: the PROMISED to.promote and respect Democratic governance.  The majority of ordinary Liberians responded to the patriotic advocacy of the CDC, to democratically overthrow political suppression.  Thus, this pro-poor government cannot slide into the abyss of undemocratic governance i.e. the suppression of political rights. Liberian citizens, whether opposition, must be free to exercise their Democratic rights without threats from government, it’s agents or the use of force by security apparatus. This is the fundamental right that kept us- CDC-  in a political struggle against the regime of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. 


The glossary of the CDC cannot ignore this fateful day. On November 7th 2011, I stood several feet away from the vehicle carrying then CDC Standard Bearer Ambassador Winston Tubman and Vice Standard Bearer  George Manneh Weah (our current President of Liberia). Without provocation, live bullets rain on our convey, hitting directly the vehicle of George Weah. Thankfully Weah was not in his own vehicle. That was a direct assassination attempt on the life of Weah. Suddenly, I would be standing over the dead body of a partisan, myself was blasted by teargas. Girls were raped, police invaded the CDC.headquarters, and at point blank shot partisans  The wounds and memories of that day did not deterred us, nor frighten us. Rather, our political struggle was renewed, reigniting our founding dedication to democratically turn the course of history in Liberia. There were many other instances before and after this day when brute force was cowardly used by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf against peaceful protest, and our exercised of Democratic Rights. Yet the revolutionary resistance grew harder and stronger.