UN Association of Ghana Commission for Women and Children Affairs Forges Partnership with Lena Marshall Foundation


Ghana — The United Nations Association of Ghana Commission for Women and Children Affairs (UNACWCA), is happy to onboard the LENA MARSHALL FOUNDATION as a partner, and to also have its founder – Madam Lena Marshall, serve as a Goodwill Ambassador.

These agreements have been reached following the UNACWCA’s monitoring of the good work of the LENA MARSHALL FOUNDATION in Liberia in empowering women and children to enhance health, end hunger, educate and overcome hardship. We consider her vision transformative and trans-generational. Not only that, the work of the Lena Marshall Foundation aligns with the UNACWCA’s and we are proud to associate with her.

The Commission wishes to congratulate her, for her extraordinary service to humanity. Many generations shall be indebted to her for the joy and hope she has brought to the numerous women and children in Liberia.

Our two organisations are happy to take our commitments towards the betterment of women and children a notch higher. Morever, we look forward to partnering with as many interest groups and individuals working to guard and promote the interest of women and children worldwide.

This partnership will allow our two organisations to among other things;

Grow and learn from another’s perspective.

Increase our lease of knowledge, expertise, and resources available to make better our
respective visions for humanity.

Help our two organisations to join forces to influence and strengthen one another to gain
infinitely more.

Contribute to key reforms that will provide satisfying and enduring solutions to the
growing number of problems facing women and children globally.

Freedom to participate and engage in healthy exchange programmes.
6th April, 2021

Promote our two organisations beyond our establishments or territories.
Shared use of our respective logos for events or programmes that both parties have
consented to.

In due time, there shall be scheduled event in Accra, to unveil Madam Lena Marshall as a Goodwill Ambassador to the commission. Subsequent to that, there shall also be signing of an MOU to seal our relationship.

The UNACWCA, is grateful to Madam Lena Marshall and her Foundation for agreeing to this long term partnership. We look forward to the very best.