Liberia: ‘No Govt. Interference in Sheik Bassirou Kante’s Investigation’ – FIU Clarifies


MONROVIA – The Financial Intelligence Unit of Liberia (FIU) attention has been drawn to media reports that it and the Ministry of Justice are under intense pressure or lobby to hide the names of some top government officials in regards to its ongoing investigation of Shirk Bassirou Kante.

Firstly, the FIU wants to register that as a matter of practice, the government of Liberia or its officials do not interfere, dictate, or direct any investigation at the FIU including the ongoing investigation of Sheirk Bassirou Kante.

The FIU wants to state in all unequivocal terms that at no time does the government or anyone in high places lobby or put the FIU under pressure to hide or withhold names. The FIU see such media report as a distraction and call on the general public and media to wait on the conclusion of its findings.

The FIU calls on the media to always double-check with the FIU before the publication of such stories in obtaining foundational facts in search of the truth for the public.

Additionally, such reports have the proclivity to jeopardize the FIU membership application with the Ecomgnt Group on confidentiality and other integrity of information security.

The FIU assures all that it will continue to perform its statutory mandate to investigate illicit financial dealings without fear or favor.