Liberia: British Embassy Provides Clarity on Ambassador’s Statement on Solar and Clean Energy (ERRATUM)


Monrovia — FrontPageAfrica’s article, “Solar Energy is the Way”, published on 21 October, claimed that the British Ambassador to Liberia, Neil Bradley, during his tour of the Mount Coffee Hydro Power Plant last week, had called on Liberia to prioritise solar energy over hydroelectric power.

Quite to the contrary, the Ambassador commended the development of all forms of sustainable energy in Liberia; in a climate such as Liberia’s, hydroelectric power was an important source of such energy during the rainy season, whilst solar power could help fulfil Liberia’s energy needs during the dry season. A combination of the two could provide a cost-effective and climate-friendly way of increasing Liberia’s electricity supply all year round, thus helping to facilitate Liberia’s human and economic development.

The UK looks forward to welcoming Liberia’s delegation to the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow in just over a week, and celebrating Liberia’s efforts in increasing sustainable energy production.