Liberia: Assistant Gender Minister Kabba off to the United Kingdom for Mandingo Federation Convention


MONROVIA – Assistant Gender Minister Mamensie Kabba is off to the United Kingdom to honor a Speaking Engagement at the 3rd Annual Convention of the Liberian Mandingo Federation in Europe (LIMAFE) from August 23 – 25, 2019, in London. 

The Convention is an annual gathering of diaspora Mandingos in Europe and an event at which practical solutions are derived for the common good of the motherland including panel discussions, presentations of papers around strategic themes that would contribute to specific social and economic interventions at home. Participants are from diverse backgrounds; public officials, academics, entrepreneurs, business leaders, public servants, civil society actors, among others.  

Assistant Minister Kabba will address the Convention on Friday, August 23, 2019 and lead panel discussions on the theme: “Overcoming the Cultural Barriers affecting Women Education and Empowerment within our Community”. The panel discussions will derive critical policy interventions and practical steps that are required to bridge the cultural barriers affecting women’s education and empowerment and ways of constructive engagements with the men that will accelerate efforts towards gender equality and women’s empowerment.  The Convention is considered one of the biggest gatherings of Liberian Mandingoes and Liberians at large from across the continent of Europe. 

Meanwhile, the Assistant Gender Minister has assured the presidency of her preparedness to articulate the many gains being made by the government under its Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development under the distinguished leadership of President George M. Weah, and as well tease out the emerging challenges associated with the implementation of the PAPD that are being adequately addressed by His Excellency. 

Assistant Minister Kabba is expected to pay a courtesy call on the Liberian Ambassador, H.E. Gurley Gibson and observe the country’s National Flag Day (August 24, 2019) at the Court of St. James, the Liberian Embassy in London, the United Kingdom.  

Hon. Mamensie Fomba Kabba is Assistant Minister for Administration at Liberia’s Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection. As a young female political and social justice advocate for the past twelve years, Hon. Mamensie F. Kabba has provided extraordinary leadership as a political and social justice advocate; excellently articulating the fundamentals of basic human rights and equal justice, women empowerment & political leadership and communicating her party’s manifesto and vision of peace & prosperity to both national and international audiences.