First Lady Clar Marie Weah in partnership with Merck Foundation Select 32 Liberian Doctors for Advanced Training


MONROVIA – Liberian First Lady Clar Marie Weah in partnership with Merck Foundation, is pleased to announce that 32 Liberian Doctors have been selected to undergo intensive training in various specialty education.

Valued at Ten Thousand Euros, (11,783.76 United States dollars) the training includes a one-year Online Post Graduate Diploma studies in Diabetes, Sexual and Reproductive Medicine and Acute Medicines at the University of South Wales, UK, in addition to Oncology Fellowship and Fertility and Embryology training program in India.

Her Excellency, Mrs. Weah, who is Ambassador of Merck More Than a Mother, along with Merck Foundation congratulates the 32 Liberian Doctors who have already been enrolled in the in 2020 and 2021 programs respectively.  

The following Doctors have been selected in their respective specialty training:

1.      One Year Online Post Graduate Diploma in Sexual and Reproductive Medicine from University of South Wales:

a.       Dr. Louise Mapleh Kpoto

b.      Dr. Nowiah Gorpudolo-Dennis

c.       Dr. Patience Monica Mator

d.      Dr. Rosalyn Sando Toe-Massaquoi-Teahjay

e.       Dr. Peter M. George

f.        Dr. Johnny Carolus Miller

2.      Three-month Online Diabetes Master-course accredited by Diabetes UK. High scoring graduates of this course will be eligible to enrol in the one-year Online Diabetes Post Graduate Diploma from University of South Wales. Moreover, Dr. Peva Gbagornah was enrolled to one-year Diabetes master’s degree (MSc) after his successful graduation from one-year Diabetes PG Diploma with Merit.

a.       Dr. Peva F. Gbagornah

b.      Dr. Heounohu R Hessou

c.       Dr. Robin Vaye

d.      Dr. Augustine L. Kollie

e.       Dr. Yarvoh Massah Moore-Wilson

f.        Dr. Johnette Gbolue Gbozee-Dunbar

g.      Dr. Lah, Emmanuel D

h.      Dr. Anderson Flomo, Jr

i.        Dr. Prince C. Mussah

j.        Dr. Robert N Seih

k.      Dr. Mahmoud A. Dukuly

3.      One Year Online Post Graduate Diploma in Acute Medicine at the University of South Wales.

a.       Dr. Hilary Adekulay Nyumah

b.      Dr. Leroy Preston Yankae

4.      One-year Merck Foundation Oncology Fellowship Program in India or Egypt.

a.       Dr. Deddeh Supuwood, Masters in Medical Oncology, Egypt

b.      Dr. Benedit Bongolie Kolee, Pathology Oncology

c.       Ms. Garmai Johnson, Oncology Nursing

d.      Dr. Alvin V. Gray, Fellowship in Surgical Oncology

e.       Dr. Bill Patrick Davis, Jr, Fellowship in Paediatric Oncology

f.        Dr. Sopouassi V. Nicholas KING, Gynaec Oncology

g.      Dr. Moses Ziah, II, Fellowship in Medical Oncology

h.      Dr. Richard Jlah Doe, Fellowship in Medical Oncology

i.        Dr. Clarence Wesseh, Fellowship in Paediatric Oncology

j.        Dr. Yolah B. Camanor, Fellowship in Radiation Oncology

k.      Dr. Varbah Paye, Fellowship in Medical Oncology

Meanwhile, five Liberian candidates have graduated from the Fertility specialist and Embryology training program. These candidates are:

a.       Dr. Patience Monica Mator, Embryology Training

b.      Mr. Philip Baysah, Embryology Training

c.       Ms. Meko Kenkpen, Embryology Training

d.      Dr. Louise Mapleh Kpoto, Fertility Training

e.       Dr. Nowiah Gorpudolo-Dennis, Fertility Training