No Sympathy for Ben Sanvee


The Editor,

My former boss, Benjamin Sanvee, was on a live video, crying over spilled milk. Ha!

But Mr. Sanvee, alongside Musa Bility, Harrison Karnwea, Kanio Bai Gbala, now LACC’s co-chair, Israel Arkinsaya, now LTA commissioner, amongst others, gave the then standard bearer of the Liberty Party, the late Cllr. Charles Brumskine, the biggest political heartbreak of his political career when they crossed carpet to the Coalition for Democratic Change, in a fashion so hasty that even Usain Bolt wouldn’t win.

What was perhaps even piercing to the heart of Cllr. Brumskine was, the runaway partisans used his picture, duping partisans of the Liberty Party that their cross carpeting had his tacit approval.

When the bombshell news dropped then, many believed that Ben’s casting of his lot with the CDC was influenced by his political godmother, Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, who was then a Senator and Vice Presidential candidate on the ticket of the ruling coalition.

In the end, the dice was thrown and Senator George Weah won and became President.

For his loyalty and perhaps political backstabbing, Ben was rewarded with a seat on the board of the Liberia Petroleum Refinery Company and was, also for a brief while, Chief of office staff to Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, until her office was entirely structured.

Until recently when he resigned from his position on the board of the NPA to be with his family in the United States, he was unheard of and many speculated his resignation was due to the mistreatment Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor was receiving at the hands of George Weah through his loyal lieutnants.

And so, Mr. Sanvee is mad. Whether it’s at the treatment his political godmother receives, the measly position on the board of the LPRC, or an atonement for jumping ship from the Liberty Party, we don’t know.
However, what we do know is Mr. Sanvee and others are responsible for the current mess they think we are engulfed in.

In 2014, Mr. Sanvee ran against Mr. Weah to be Senator of Montserrado County and remarked that Weah was incompetent then to be Senator.

That he couldn’t find competence in George Weah in 2014 but did so in 2017, says a lot about his judgment on national issues if he would have been elected in 2014 as Senator of the populous Montserrado County and how he is influenced.

Now, Mr. Sanvee wants us to sympathize with him for the spilled milk from the mug. But should we?

Gboko Stewart
[email protected]