Liberia: Doctor Dougbeh Christopher Nyan, Your Attack against Mayor Koijee is Politically Motivated With Raw Hate!


Your arguement is baseless and it is a showmanship of naked envy and blatant hypocrisy!

By Alvin Wesseh, Contributing Writer

We have chosen to be apolitical during these turbulent times to concentrate more on the fight against this deadly coronavirus pandemic that is life-threatening to our very existence as human beings.

Our decision to recess, suspend and vacation all political activities in these troubling times to holistically combat this monstrous killer virus is tailored on our service to humanity first before politics.

For us, we believed very strongly that when ever politics come in conflict with public safety and social warefare of the mass of our people; the well-being of our people takes precedence over politics.

When Liberia got hit with the Ebola virus epidemic in 2014 under the administration of the then Unity Party;CDC exhibited and demonstrated examplary leadership through it’s dynamic youth leader, Jefferson Tamba Koijee by volunteering One-thousand men and women to national service.

To insinuate that the venerated youth leader at the MCC wants to play the role of health practitioners in our country thus leaving out health professionals in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic is very much absurd and myopic.

The documented sacrifices and heroic niche of those brave young volunteers, health workers, and the prizes those health practitioners have paid; when others have to loss their lives,and children were made orphans;while hundreds were burried during the time our country was falling prey to Ebola virus; remains an experience worth sharing in leading the fight against coronavirus to not only this generation but generation unborn.

This is why we have been tempted to retreat from our sabitical in order to deal with the ANC partisan and Alexander Cummings’ all knowing doctor on his trashy gebberish and inuendos vomited against the preeminent Youth leader of our generation, Jefferson Tamba Koijee.

Instead of the ANC and Alexander Cummings’ hired gun join these young volunteer and other health workers in the country to fight this coronavirus pandemic in Liberia, Dougbeh Christopher Nyan is hosting reckless press conferences and spending more times on Mayor Jefferson Tamba Koijee at the MCC spreading malicious and vacious malice and falsehood for perochial political reasons.

What the new hired ANC’s mercenary needs to understand is that the Six-thousand young volunteers who were recruited by the Mayor Jefferson Tamba Koijee have willingly decided to go on the Frontline as their contribution to educate our people about the safety measures of the deadly coronavirus pandemic; and so, one doesn’t have to parade with mountaineous academic accolades on his or her shoulders like you or certificate from Harvard and Cambridge Universities before they teach people the danger associated with the virus and how they can prevent themselves from the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

The global pandemic outbreak can’t only be fought by health workers and health practitioners alone.The fight has to be holistic to encapsulate the broader participation of the masses of our people in the communities, including but not limited to the print, electronic and social Media, youths, religious, traditional leaders against this growing cancer that is eating us up slowly in deaths.

The National Health Institute of Liberia and the MCC had been partnering for ever so long since this inhumane virus hit the motherland by conducting basic training and providing education to these young volunteers as a way to buttress the fight against coronavirus.

The act of politicising every patriotic engagement and endeavor may likely tear this country apart and the consequences will be devastating if we as a people don’t handle national issues with care.

Let it be unequivocally cleared that few doctors alone can’t fight this deadly coronavirus pandemic and that is the simple reason why they are called volunteers to fight against the coronavirus in Liberia.

Like we did before,it was a collective fight against the deadly Ebola virus and the success story could be used to hasten the perpetual demise of the deadly coronavirus pandemic in Liberia.

We want to appreciate all Liberians home and abroad for the moral,financial and for the increase awareness and sensitization to eliminate the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

Special thanks to all of our health workers, the business people, Media and volunteers for the immeasurable services and continue fight, together,we can defeat the virus.

To Mayor Koijee and the rest of the team, please be strong.This too is Liberia where envy and hate is considered politics.