“Who Owns Casino In Bangui in Central Africa Republic?”


Mr. Editor,

An eternal political animal, I am, had been, sold on the proposition that the Press and the Newspaper, independent, impartial and aggressive, inform, educate and entertain the people, a necessary precondition to a functioning democracy.

Moreover, after reading FPA “Who Owns Casino in Bangui?” (CAR), the printed Expose’ and thee-mail exchanges between FPA Editor and Mr. Sebastian Muah of LIBTELCO, it is encouraging, confirms and affirmed the “Proposition” that the Press and the Newspaper, independent, impartial, aggressive investigative reporters as the eyes and ears of the people into Presidential Palaces, Executive Suites of high-profiled officials of government and Boardrooms of private business Corporations.

That, indeed, the Press and Newspapers have the “guts, political will”, loyalty and patriotism, without fear or favor, to continue to “inform, educate and entertain the people”, as the absolute necessity and precondition for successful, functioning democracy.

But the Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Government, for apparent political and personal reasons, had been hiring dual citizens without regard to integrity (moral rectitude or honesty).

Mr.  Muah, perhaps, a US citizen, says in a November 5, 2016 e-mail “ –  I am in debt with Wells Fargo (a US- based bank) for money I borrowed from them over 50K –  I would first pay off my mortgage”.

Human Resources Management departments, with functions and responsibilities to recruit, interview, select/hire and place applicants having the requisite qualifications not only for successful performance, but also to protect the image of the institution from dishonest and unethical practices.

This process depends upon and utilizes the Resume` and interviews with diligent follow-up or verification of employment experiences and references indicated on paper, the resume`.

The Resume` of academic training/achievements and some work experiences, basically, predicts successful performance; it is not a positive guarantee that the candidate, having an excellent resume, will perform successfully in the given position, nor the character of the candidate.

As a matter of fact, the resume` says nothing about the character of the applicant in the community and/or in the workplace.

This important, critical information regarding character or attributes and workplace attitudes – honesty, openness, team work, cooperation/collaboration, ability to listen to and respect the views of others, irrespective of opposition, and the required behavioral patterns of commitment to democratic practices in top management – are obtained only by and from diligent verification of references, the major responsibility of the Human Resources Departments.

But this has not been the case with the present Government!

Bai M. Gbala, Sr., Contributing Writer