Who In Their Right Mind Would Give Liberia Money For Sports


The Editor,

Who, in their right mind, will give their hard earned money to a born crook like Bility to develop sports? Only people with “stupid” written across their foreheads will do something like that. (Re “Bility Criticizes Government’s Failure to Support National Sports Development. Daily Observer Online).

Ok, Bility can criticize all he wants, but the government shouldn’t give him a penny of the people’s money to do anything.

Why? Because Bility is a born crook!

You want proof? I’ll give you proof:

1) There’s an on-going FBI investigation of bribery and corruption against FIFA officials, including Bility, who accepted bribe money to vote for Qatar to host the World Cup! Bility deposited the money in a Swiss Bank, so the FBI is waiting for him to go Switzerland to be arrested! (Re “Liberia’s football Chief Bility Probe in Wake of FIFA Scandal”, Frontpageafrica).

2) Bility was indicted, but never convicted for tax evasion! That means a grand jury evaluated the evidence against Bility and determined that there is probable cause to believe that Bility is a tax cheat! (Re “Gov’t Takes Bility to Court for Tax Evasion, Heritage Newspaper)

3) Bility was indicted again, but never convicted for stealing from the Liberian people! That means that a grand jury evaluated the evidence against Bility and determined that there is probable cause to believe that Bility is a born rogue! (Re “Liberia Indicts Ellen Crookum, Musa Bility, LBDI, FIB Diaspora Consultants, Other”, Frontpageafrica) As you can see, Bility is wanted by the FBI, and was indicted twice, but never convicted. But we all know that where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

But Bility says that none of the legal issues brought against him in Liberia led to a guilty verdict. Ok, so what?

In most criminal cases, the prosecution (government) bears the burden of proof and is required to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt, and in some cases, they (prosecution) may be unable to do so for a variety of reasons. Hint: 99.99999 of the crooks in Liberia never get convicted in the Criminal Court C when Judge William K Ware is presiding!

But people with common sense can look at the evidence (things that we know and see with our own two eyes, like Bility’s pattern of crooked behavior) and have opinions about the case, regardless of the judge or jury’s verdict.

In my never to be humble opinion, Bility is a damn crook. The government shouldn’t give him a damn cent for anything!

Martin Scott, Atlanta, Georgia
[email protected]