What Makes The ANC and Cummings Think They Are Better Suited To Lead?


The Editor,

Mr. Alexander Cummings’ failure to understand the people he wats to lead

I read that the ANC leader, Alexander Cummings opined that the CDC lead Government does not understand the enormity of the task. This condescending verbiage has been consistent with Cummings and the ANC and needs to be taken seriously.

What makes the ANC and Cummings think they are better suited to lead?

The last Elections proved that Cummings and the ANC are mare neophytes when it comes to national leadership. The performance of the ANC after arguably spending the most money without winning a district, provides the simple proof that Cummings does not even know the people he wants to lead.

This Political leader does not even understand that political parties have one main objective, which is to win elections. If you cannot win one district which is the lowest denominator in our political math, you are a political failure in a results oriented arena.

When the ANC was parading fake numbers and employing pollsters and political analysts, the CDC was executing one of the most prolific campaign machineries in our history. The CDC won seats in Every county in the country and almost Swept the South East where Cummings claims he is from.

The People of Liberia needs roads, and the CDC is prepared to do so. We do not travel in Hammock with men carrying us around. Weah and his wife walked the country and saw firsthand the deplorable conditions in the Southeast.

 From as far back as 2004, when our President completed his first National Campaign , he began  speaking about roads. Now I hear ANC Stalwarts touting the roads initiative as one they brought to the national conversation. Alexander Cummings was not even around to see the need for roads until he wanted to be president.

As a founding member of the ruling Party of Liberia I have an obligation to defend my Party, President and Government. This elitist and condensing posture emitting from the ANC is divisive and bent on creating a division in our country.

Toyuwa Harris

[email protected]

Founding member of the Mighty Congress for Democratic Change

Former Media and Communication Chairman CDC USA

Former Webmaster CDCLiberia.org