Vice President Joseph Boakai Too Old For President


The Editor,

Shouldn’t Joe Boakai’s age be an issue in the presidential campaign? Hell yes!

Raising questions about whether Joe Boakai is too damn old to be the President is a serious issue.  

Why? Because the future of country is at stake.  

(Re-“Lofa Celebrates Boakai’s 72nd Birthday Today”, Daily Observer Online)Ok, Happy Birthday, Mr. Boakai …

But when you’re as old as Joe Methuselah Boakai, it’s not just in physical tasks that age takes it toll, it’s also the mental tasks that wears you down.

Even if your mind remains sharp, your energy seldom remain the same, and that can affect how long you can concentrate during important meetings, including board meetings!

You want proof of how our VP’s (Boakai) age affects his concentration on the job??  Don’t worry, I’ll give you one:

On March 29, 2012, Joe Methuselah Boakai met with Liberians in Atlanta, Georgia, and guess what happened?  

Yes, Joe Methuselah couldn’t keep his eyes open.

In the middle of the Town Hall meeting (at the International Fellowship Church, Atlanta, Georgia), I saw Joe Blow dozing off ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz (nodding his head like he was catching fish!)

When I inquire why the VP slept soundly through most of the meeting, they (his handlers) told me that he was praying!

I burst out laughing uncontrollably because they were lying through their teeth!

If the presidency were a job where you get paid to sleep, Sleepy Joe would be the most qualified candidate, but it isn’t.

Sleeping on the job makes Joe Boakai a very dangerous man for the presidency!

Martin Scott,
Atlanta, Georgia