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The Editor,

For long, George Weah was seen as a hero to Liberians. He came from the slums of Clara Town, a ghetto in LIBERIA, to become the world’s best soccer player. He helped many Liberians during the civil war. One attitude that Weah got accustomed to was surrounding himself with sycophants.

He lost his fortune because he took advice from people who used him. When CDC was founded, Weah was nowhere around. He was recruited to be the standard bearer in 2005 due to his popularity in Liberia. When he took over the helms of CDC, he began to cut off all dissenting opinions. Anyone who he felt wasn’t on his side, he made sure that they didn’t hold any position within the organization.

When he won the Liberian election and became president, he took the same attitude as president. Weah surrounded himself with sycophants. This has led us to the #SaveTheState Protest. 

The intentions of the founders of CDC was to find a local hero who cared for the common people. In Weah, they saw the embodiment of their vision. When they finally got to know the real Weah, it was too late. He had relegated them to the peanut gallery as he stocked CDC leadership with “yes men”.

It is the hope of all, that today will teach him a lesson that the Liberian people are ready for change and they will get that change with or without his leadership. He can either take charge, get the right people to help him or get out of the way.

Benedictus D. Avery