The Collective Leadership of Liberia’s Opposition Either Too Dumb or Plainly Incompetent


The Editor,

The collective leadership of Liberian opposition parties is either too dumb or plainly incompetent!

We have seen multiple reports of citizens complaining about the ongoing voters’ registration exercises being conducted by the NEC but we have not heard any official word from the opposition parties on the progress of the registration exercises so far?

Complaints range from registration personnel NOT showing up on time, faulty cameras, multiple registration, and voters trucking/planting to out-and out incompetence being exhibited by those charged with the responsibilities of ensuring an outcome acceptable to all is achieved in October!

With the millions given to the NEC – does the voter’s card we have seen justify the millions spent?

What are the security features associated with the voter’s card? Why didn’t we go biometric so that after elections this card could also serve as a means of identification and or proof of citizenship?

IF the officials of the NEC were not this dumb or plain stupid they could have developed this registration process using WML to ensure all registrations are almost immediately submitted to a central database via mobile technology – so her registration agents wouldn’t be carrying “copybook and pencil” around the country as we are witnessing – what is the integrity of any data written on copybook?

How involved were the various opposition parties in the rollout of this registration exercise? Don’t they consider this as part of their duties? Isn’t an acceptable/result outcome a part of their expectations?

It is easy to cry foul after an election has been allegedly stolen – but what mechanisms are the opposition parties putting in place to reduce the chances of fraud and or irregularities in October?

Liberia is such a MESS and to be honest, the so-called opposition parties are a contributing factor to the nonsense we are witnessing as a people.

Benjamin Kofa Fyneah, Contributing Writer
[email protected]