Senator George Weah Must Return ECOWAS Stipend


The Editor,

Hahaha – our spineless Senators want Weah and Johnson to report on their deliberations at ECOWAS parliament meeting…Yeah right, Weah know book now??

He’s got master’s degree!

But wait…. don’t these senators already know that Weah wasn’t that meeting?

Didn’t they read Frontpageafrica? (Re ” – Come, Grab & Go”)

If so, how can Senator Weah make a report when he wasn’t for there for the deliberations?  (Re “Senators Want Weah, Johnson Report” Liberian Observer)

Look. The few hours that Weah spent at ECOWAS’s meeting was to collect his stipend. That’s it.

According Weah’s counterpart (Senator Prince Johnson), Weah went there to “grab and go”…(Re “…Come, Grab & Go”, Frontpageafrica)

But of course Weah has no shame in his game! He wasn’t interested in that meeting, he was only there to collect the money (stipend).

They don’t call him “show-me-the-money-Manneh” for nothing! 

But since Weah didn’t fulfill the requirement to earn the ECOWAS stipend, the senate leadership should demand that Weah return the money (stipend) to ECOWAS within a week. 

If he doesn’t, the President Pro Temp should dock his pay and send the money back to ECOWAS!

Oh wait, I forgot:  President Pro Temp Jelly Fish Jallah is spineless… he’s afraid of Weah!

Martin Scott,
Atlanta, Georgia
[email protected]