“Senator George Weah Absent From ECOWAS Parliament Session Again”


The Editor,

How long will Speaker Nuquay put up with this nonsense from Senator Weah? (Re “Senator George Weah Absent From ECOWAS Parliament Session Again”, Frontpageafrica)

This is the second time Senator Weah has gone AWOL from the ECOWAS Parliament Session. 

But hey, did you expect him to change his behavior when there’s no price to pay for his dereliction of duty?

At the first ECOWAS meeting, Weah went there, collected his stipend, and deserted his colleagues!

Yes, they don’t call him show-me-the-money-Manneh for nothing!

According Weah’s counterpart (Senator Prince Johnson), Weah went to ECOWAS meeting to “grab and go”.  

He didn’t attend any of the session, but he was goldbricking in Ghana! (Re “…Come, Grab & Go”, Frontpageafrica).

That kind of behavior shouldn’t be tolerated in our National Legislature!

If you want Weah to grow up and behave like a Senator, you should hit him where it hurts: in his pocketbook (Dock his paycheck!)

The Speaker should demand that Weah reimburse the government (or ECOWAS) for his airfare, stipend, and other incidental expenses!

If he refuses, the Speaker should dock his pay.  Oh wait, I forgot: Night-time Nuquay doesn’t have balls… he’s afraid of Weah!

Martin Scott, Atlanta, Georgia
[email protected]