“Rise Up People Of Liberia, Rise Up”


The Editor,

Let us not focus mainly on politics, but to look at what we can do as people of Liberia to improve the economy, education, healthcare and infrastructure of our country. Our country is sinking — we should not let her down.

Let us focus on effective regulations, trustworthiness, responsibility, transparency, credibility, selflessness, accountability and form a profound system for checks and balances.

Our country is crying for help — we should not let her down.

Let us not allow power, greed, corruption, nepotism, tribalism, and envy hinder our progress to succeed.

We can be successful only, and only when we put our differences aside and collectively focus on our common goals.

Our country is pleading for success and a sense of purpose — we should not let her down

Let us focus on our resources so the government can make necessary resources available without prejudice to improve the country and the lives of its people.

Our country will be proud — we should not let her down

Let us all make hard work a priority, and let it not be left to a few. Hard work generates good and successful results.  We should accept development from our partners with integrity and negotiate adequate benefits that will make our country and its people prosper.

Our country will be productive — we should not let her down

Let us bring forth our experts to strategize in creating and identifying genuine lucrative companies, and gradually plant them in various aspects of the country to create jobs and develop its environs; and not lure into bargaining with our partners to deplete all of our resources and leave us empty with nothing. Agriculture should be primarily promoted especially among the locals with an adequate transportation system.

Our country will be self-reliant — we should not let her down

Let us make primary education essential which is a strong foundation in the learning process; introducing all K – 5th-grade students to phonics to boost reading skills and vigorously implement math and science concepts.  We should create more vocational schools and training centers.

Our country will be proficient — we should not let her down.

Let us ensure our health system is intact with accessibility, affordability and quality care.  Our health system should promote safety, effectiveness and one that produces the best outcomes.  Creating and

executing potent regulations and policies would definitely set good standards and good health practices to our health system.  Regulations intertwine with ethics should be key to implement any program or medical project for safety and quality. The health system should promote preventative medicine as a proactive approach to patient care in preventing a disease or medical condition.  An example could be regular screening for blood sugar level, screening for hypertension and ways of providing health information to the public. With systematic procedures and processes, we can implement these things if we plan well.

Our people will have access to quality health care — we should not let them down

Let us support affordable housing to improve living standards which will provide quality of life, and construct proper roads with adequate and routine maintenance to channel access to services for growth and development.

Our people will have good quality of life — we should not let them down

Let us join forces and unite to uplift Liberia and ourselves: This I call “A Character with Value”.

Jamesetta Roberts-Jahamaliah

[email protected]