Open Letter to President Weah H. E. Dr. George Manneh Weah


Dear President Weah: 

I present compliments and wish to proffer the following for your consideration, sir:

It’s nine months before the scheduled elections during the peak of the raining season when Southeastern Liberia is mostly affected

Is it possible to make the road an all-weather road this year? I say yes, sir. Relying on my experience with the Karnweaken-Buah-Sasstown Road: the German Agro Action in 2008 bought boarder rocks from the locals and filled the bad spots, since that time sir, that piece of road has remained an all-weather road.

Sir, you can have the Ministry of Public Works conducts a study on the workability of this concept and if they confirm you can invest in it.

Sir, this project if implemented, it will infuse some money into the locals pockets and southeasterners will not battle with road this year.

I thank you, sir.

Gbenimah Balu Slopadoe I

Former Representative (52nd Legislature – 2006 – 2011), Grand Kru County.

Cell #s 0770788706/0880788706

Email: [email protected]