Open Letter to Min. Nathaniel McGill for His Intervention in Salary Saga at CARI


Dear Hon. McGill:

Greetings again as all strive to rid COVID19 from Liberia and generally, the global community. Thank you, and all copied thus far.

Today makes day fifteen since my email of 15 April 2020 to your office passionately requesting your intervention to kindly have Mrs. Paulette E. Findley, a Presidential Appointee serving as Officer-in-Charge (OIC), Central Agricultural Research Institute (CARI) have me paid approximately USD 15,000.00 and LD 500,000.00 government allotted salary (August 2019 to April 2020) she has withheld or probably expanded without my consent as well as obliterate hindrances that have hindered my entry to residence and office at CARI.

At CARI, the Code of Conduct for Public Officials serving appointed positions in government has not been  observed rather, thwarted.

Even more appalling are violations:

(1.) March 15, 2015 Act that established CARI as 

       an autonomous agency (Part II Section 5 & 3; 

        Part III  Section 8 & 1; Part IV Section 19, 21 & 22

(2.) 2015 Decent Work Act (Part II & IV) and;

(3.) 2012 Revised Civil Service Standing Order

To restore donors confidence, enhance efficiency and uphold good governance Hon. McGill I therefore, recommend the Board of CARI investigates:

Claims, counter claims and allegation into current matter that has plagued CARI since Mrs. Findley’s June 2019 appointment with reference:

a.       Unauthorized sale of containers, containers with household, building and mechanical materials  costing approximately 1 million USD;

b.      USD 93,000.00 and LD 3,000,000.00 allotted for Staff Salary and Benefits;

c.       March 2020 disappearance of approximately USD 70,000.00  IFAD Project monies from CARI

d.      Request the LACC and GAC make public their comprehensive audits on Procurement conducted 2019

Scientists achieved and realized their full potential when work environment is serene, quiet, cordial and most importantly free of politics. This is how it is being a witnessed to Agricultural Research Institutions on contributions to knowledge, accomplishments and achievements the world over.

We look forward to your prudent response at your convenience.

Accept the assurance of our highest esteem.


Dr. Nykoi D. Jomah, PhD.


Livestock, Aquaculture and Inland Fishery Program/CARI