Open Letter: Please Approve Payments of Allowances for Liberian Students in Morocco


Dear Min. Tweah,

Sir, from a reliable source, I’ve learned that the Ministry of Education has done all that it needed to do as part of the processes to relieve our young leaders studying in Morocco, but currently sleeping in the streets. I’ve also learned that the documents have been on your desk for month (s), but you haven’t approved to facilitate the disbursement of the students’ allowances to cater to their rent and other necessities. 

As an empathetic Human Capital Developer, I’ve come this Sunday morning to add my voice to the hundreds of Liberians here and abroad to kindly appeal to you to find a solution this week to relieve our fellow young leaders studying in Morocco and other parts of the world as well as to resettle those who returned and incorporate them in the government to serve their country. 

Sir, providing the required financial support to our young leaders to leave the streets and continue their studies is investing in the future of Liberia and a human-centered development policy. 

Honorable Minister, you will not make a sustainable investment that proves a better long term investment than supporting our brothers and sisters to leave the streets and continue their studies. 

You are the one who have the #FINALDECISION, for them to remain in the streets of Marrakesh or return to Liberia without completing their studies. I look forward to your prompt action. 


Jarius Andrew Greaves

[email protected]