Only In Liberia: Murderers & Others Allow To Go Free


The Editor,

If we cannot hold them accountable for the killings of innocent human beings, how could we possibly hold them accountable for the stealing of public monies?

In Liberia, we let those who commit murder to walk free but we arrest those who steal cell phone and a cup of rice at the waterside market and put them in prison.

Because we as Liberians have refused to hold accountable those who killed so many innocent human beings, they have capitalized on our negligence to institute justice, only to inflict total harm on the economy of Liberia my means of rampant corruption.

The thing is, they committed the greatest evil, which in my mind is the killings so many innocent human beings, and we’ve allowed them to walk free, what else is there to prevent them from stealing public monies?

Bernard Gbayee Goah,
[email protected]