Much Ado About Fake, Plastic Rice in Liberia


The Editor

Are Liberians consumers being forced at gun point to buy plastic rice from rice sellers?

No! They aren’t!

So why all the fuss about Liberians buying “Fake rice or Plastic Rice”?

Look. Liberian consumers have a lot of power with their dollars. They can hold plastic rice sellers accountable for quality of their rice!

If consumers stop buying plastic rice, there will be no need for anyone to sell plastic rice.

The plastic rice sellers would go out of business!

But as long as Liberians consumers keep buying plastic rice, the sellers of plastic rice will stay in business by selling plastic rice!  

Perhaps the rice addicts in Liberia could adjust their behavior and do what my courageous

Mother did in the 60’s to make ends meet:

When she couldn’t afford to buy a bag of rice to feed her five children, she didn’t call for a rice riot nor did she complain about the price of rice, she simply fed us with Cassava with smoke fish!

Martin Scott, Teacher Gladys son
Atlanta, Georgia