Moving In The Right Direction – An Open Letter to President Weah


Mr. President, greetings!

I think we should all be seeking national interests in critical times and under critical situations. In my opinion, we are being compromised on two fronts. I believe at the level of the presidency, we cannot select individual or personal interest to override the interest of the country.

The two stark examples I would like to mention are:

  1. Withdrawing the appointment of the Nigerian, Ndubisi Nwabudike, who presented fake documents for his confirmation hearing. After ignoring the advice of numerous Liberians, you finally withdrew Nwabudike’s nomination at the 11 hour. Unfortunately, you have never explained to the Liberian people why you withdrew the nomination and you have not issued one statement on the next steps as to his investigation, arrest, and prosecution. It was a fairly easy decision to indefinitely suspend Nathaniel Blama, the Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency, “for repeatedly violating prescribed health protocols and endangering public health.” .We applaud you for that. However, it seems like an impossibility to “indefinitely suspend” Nwabudike for allegedly forging immigration documents. How can someone whose character is exceptionally questionable at best, if not criminal, be left to head the highest INTEGRITY Institution in the land, the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission? Mr. President, please take action by firing Nwabudike and handing him over to the police for investigation.
  2. Appointing Mary Broh as National Response Coordinator for the Executive Committee on Coronavirus (ECOC) in Liberia and Finda Bundoo as National Compliance Manager of ECOC. The COVID-19 pandemic is not a playground for amateurs. It is a situation that requires experience and expertise in public health or at least the healthcare sector. Madam Broh does not have the expertise or experience to provide “supervision toward a single set of national strategic objectives for defeating the Coronavirus disease.” She has no understanding in that sector. Same for Finda Bundoo. She does not have the expertise or experience to effectively monitor “the overall allocation and disbursement of the response logistics and resources” for the COVID-19 fight. Mr. President, please withdraw these appointments. The management of the Coronavirus situation is already reeling for a myriad of reasons. Having inexperience at the highest level cannot be appropriate at this time, maybe at no time.

Mr. President, by these two acts, you are seemingly not operating per the fundamental values of the CDC. The CDC in my belief and experience stands for:

  • Good Governance
  • Good Leadership
  • Good Representation
  • Competence in position
    That is why we sought political power. As CDCians, we must not let our government go to waste because we want to support all actions of our President. Though I was not there on day one of formation, the CDC, by what was documented, was not built on loyalty to George Weah or support to our President regardless of what he does wrong. It was built on the fundamental principle that we should provide an opportunity for every Liberian to have an affordable life. If we hold fast to that truth and the other core values of the CDC, given what is currently obtaining under your leadership, it is obvious that we are falling short.

Mr. President, it is time to step up with real leadership. We have time to self correct. Please fire Nwabudike and turn him over to the Ministry of Justice. Please relieve Mary Broh and Finda Bundoo of their responsibilities on the ECOC and appoint competent Liberians to man those positions.

Thank you Mr. President.

Isaac Vah Tukpah, Jr. is the only two term Chairman of the Congress for Democratic Change – USA. He can be reached at [email protected] or +13016555984.