LRA New Regulations Detrimental to Small Businesses


The Editor,

Is the Liberian Government serious about helping the little guy? If so, then why are they suffocating small businesses with their stupid regulations and red tape? (Re “Liberty Party Slams Liberia Revenue Authority Over Tax Protest At Freeport”).

Recently, the small business killers (Liberia Revenue Authority aka LRA) decided to impose additional regulations to crack down on fake invoices and under-valuation on imported commodities.

But these new regulations have proven to be detrimental to small businesses. They’ve resulted in prolong delays and additional taxes which are killing small businesses. Yes, the LRA is a small business killer!

If you think these LRA people care about helping the little guy earn an honest living and get out of poverty, you’re wrong!

If anything, LRA’s mission is to raise revenue to pay their US$600,000 rent for their shining building, buy 9 tainted SUVs for tax collectors, and a flat screen tv for Elfreda Tamba’s hair salon!

They call that “approved expenditures under the 2016/2017 fiscal budget”, but I call it extortion by government goons!

These people are always looking to ways to take advantage of the poor and vulnerable in our society!

But it’s a moral outrage to deprived poor people of their God given right to earn an honest living.

Small businesses, whether it’s selling kalla, used clothing (imported), street vending, hair braiding, or other kinds of self- employment, have always been the way out of poverty.

I grew up in West Point, where poor market women sold used clothing, imported from America. That was the only way they could escape poverty!

But today, many poor entrepreneurs (small business owners) can’t find a way to escape poverty, because their way is being blocked by Police curfews, licensing restrictions, and other regulations!

Liberians stay poor, not because they can’t find a way to escape poverty, BUT because they are hampered or prevented from doing so by the stupid book people and the born rogues in our government!

Look. It’s time to cut the red tape and reduce the regulatory burden on small businesses. Liberians are tired of that nonsense!

Martin Scott,
Atlanta, Georgia
[email protected]