Liberia’s Economy Will Never Grow With Liberians As Spectators


The Editor,

Did you know that the China Africa Economic Trade Fair is June 27-29 this year in Hanoi Province, China?

China has an investment of 60 billion for 53 invited African country including Liberia. All countries have a designated pavilion to showcase their product, and there were 10 Liberian businesses selected by The Liberia Business Association (LIBA) through foreign affairs. 

China provided accommodations, feeding and local transportation for business delegates, and requires all countries government to provide transportation(airfare), but the Liberia government is asking businesses to pay for their own ticket to represent Liberia while they are taking ministers from commerce, agriculture, public works, along with several assistants as their delegates and leaving out the main force(businesses). Today, Minister Tweh finally told us that they have constraints and can’t pay for the 10 tickets for us, but their delegates are flying first class, Luxury hotel and are given Daily allowances while the driving force of the economy of Liberia and the main purpose of the fair are stranded or left behind.

I believe Mr. Weah is a liar because all that he said in his speech is useless. How can you grow Liberia Economy when Liberia businesses are spectators? Ghana is sending 28 business to occupy their pavilion; Nigeria is sending 28 including a Liberia that does business in Abuja. Uganda and Rwanda offer Daily allowances to their businesses, but Liberia can’t afford ticket for 10 businesses. Who will showcase in the pavilion after China have branded it with made in Liberia products and Liberia flag? 
Earlier this year, the same thing Happened to the AU Trade Fair in Egypt, Liberia kiosk was empty and didn’t feature in the magazine. 

The minister of commerce went to Egypt, but did attend the program. His reserved chair was empty for 2 days until former minister Axel Addy sat in it to take the shame away. Are they serious people? Business are struggling for finance to grow their micro, small and medium enterprises to create jobs as many of the businesses the government doesn’t care. There is no program to help innovation or entrepreneurs, China wants to try, but sadly this too is Liberia. 

Let the minister go and occupy the kiosk, we don’t have money and will not be attending.

Melvin M. Lansana
Director/Motivational Speaker
Melvin M. Lansana Network
“Connecting People”
[email protected]