Liberians Must Seek Direct Intervention of the United States of America


The Editor,

Decades of injustice, intimidation and abuse have rendered the Liberian people hopeless. They must pray the US, Liberia’s key economic and security ally, to intervene in the interest of justice and peace to save the state. Citizens themselves must desperately seek the direct intervention of the United States of America as well as the international community to help with the establishment of a War Crimes Court in Liberia.

Those bearing the greatest responsibilities for the horrors in Liberia must be held accountable for the crimes committed. Impunity must not trump accountability. This will make it difficult, if not impossible – to restore normalcy in post-war Liberia especially under the leadership of persons that are largely responsible for the senseless destruction of lives and properties during the country’s brutal war.

Holding accountable individuals responsible for the rape, torture, and cold-blooded murder of more than 200,000 men, women and children is critical to restoring normalcy in Liberia.

Bernard Gbayee Goah,
[email protected]