Liberians Must Reject Protecting Former Warlords


The Editor,

The People Of Liberia Must Reject Any Process That Is Aimed At Protecting Former Warlords Against The Will Of The Masses…

An estimation of more than two hundred thousand Liberians were killed, hundreds of thousands uprooted from their homes, and hundreds of thousands more displaced in foreign lands as a result of Liberia’s brutal war. 

Atrocities committed in Liberia are so grave, personal experience of the war is not required to understand the magnitude of what took place.

YouTube Recorded videos and war photographs of the level of madness that visited this country, and how countless number of innocent people were raped, tortured, enslaved and killed are so dehumanizing; there can be no statue of limitations. 

As such, the demand for justice by those who experienced such unacceptable nightmare is genuine, and must be respected and not brushed aside. 

With such merciless acts carried out against the people of Liberia by a handful of individuals, it is unbelievable that not a single person has been held accountable as of the writing of this publication! Worse of all, those accused of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity are the same people running the affairs of victims of war in Liberia today. 

Suspects of war crimes and crimes against humanity are now dictating a so-called stability process that holds no one accountable.

Such process has made Liberia more volatile and susceptible to the unwanted of the past. Therefore, said process cannot be a substitute to justice for war victims. 

Also, based on overwhelming evidence, it has been documented and established that international crimes were committed in Liberia by a handful of individuals.

And that those in questioned are currently holding top public positions… enjoying the spoils of war and government’s protection with impunity. 

We therefore call on the people of Liberia to reject any kind of process that is aimed at protecting perpetrators of heinous crimes against the will of the masses. 

Regardless of the ruckus that come with it, Liberians must demand the prosecution of perpetrators of war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

They must in the strongest possible terms voice out to the international community and their government that they deserve no less, and are ready to resist the contrary.

Liberia Needs A War Crimes Court!

Bernard Gbayee Goah
President, Operation We Care for Liberia