Liberians Continue to Deny Themselves Unity of Change

Many who shared my view feel that there are no redlines left for terrorists to cross. This is a psychological war and succumbing to the strategies would give the enemies superior hand. Let stand up with one voice and call to win this war!
Many who shared my view feel that there are no redlines left for terrorists to cross. This is a psychological war and succumbing to the strategies would give the enemies superior hand. Let stand up with one voice and call to win this war!

The Editor,

Since the Weah Government came to power about a year ago, the unfolding events under his leadership have been questionable and further driving the country in the wrong direction, causing untold hardship on ordinary Liberians.

When Weah was declared winner of the presidency, I wrote an article calling on the President elect to start the healing process and unite a nation that was painfully divided. In addition, I reminded him that he was the president in the land of 43 thousand square miles with an inhabitant of 4.3 million people, this to include key opposition leaders. Disappointingly, the president continues to demonstrate his inability to embrace key opposition leaders and therefore, has widened the division, making it very impossible to cultivate the condition that the government is of the people. Majority of Liberians, who saw the football legend as a redeemer and as one of their own kind, thought that he will not be blind to their poverty-stricken condition around him, that he grew up in.  Our people were of the strongest conviction that their time for vast transformation had finally arrived and hope for change was in progress. 

Unfortunately, the living condition of ordinary Liberians continue to worsen while few officials of government in the circle of President George Weah including himself, are purchasing expensive vehicles, taking foreign pleasure trips and building  mansions around Monrovia in less than 12 months of his leadership. What is repugnant to  the  transparency we aspire to, in a country where corruption is widespread, the President with no remorse blatantly refused to make his asset declaration public.  He provided a feeble reason that he has kids and family to protect and it is his privacy. Yet, we hear supporters of the President convincingly saying, “Weah has Liberia at heart” and they honestly believe he does. In addition, the Weah supporters are thinking that his flamboyant lifestyle is much more paramount or important than the Republic of Liberia.

It has become increasingly evident that admiration for President Weah by few of his die-hard party’s loyalists supersedes the interest of their own well-being. Despite  the government being run over by economic hardship, the loyalists assemble daily at the party headquarters, seeking opportunities to improve their lives. As you walk or drive by the party’s headquarters, you are greeted by the sounds of drumming and singing.   Those that are fortunate to receive letters of appointment without the requisite  competence.  Chairman Mlbah  Morlu who also portray himself as a Prime Minister sends party loyalists directly to government agencies and ministries for immediate employment and in addition, dictates their monthly salaries including benefits.  Those are the ones you find in overcrowded offices working on Facebook all day defending the ills and mismanagement of the Weah-led government. Party loyalists are in denial that corruption exists in the CDC government, despite the weekly scandals of corruption at the highest level of government. Government officials and foreign businessmen  who are  implicated in major corruption scandals are being protected with no regard for law and order because of  their strong connection to the Executive Branch. Not only is that but, our Executive Branch has been infested with foreign crooks who are openly hanging out locally and accompanies President Weah on his foreign trips.

We witnessed when CDC was an opposition, the tough talking elements within the party were vocal in attacking President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, as head of the Executive Branch, who became the CEO for the Industry of Corruption in Liberia.  Today, the ruling CDC is condoning corruption within the Executive Branch and party loyalists are defending all ills being perpetrated by their party officials. Has President Weah replaced Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as the CEO for the Industry of Corruption in Liberia?

Fellow Liberians, what we are witnessing  our current president and his ruling party deliberately and recklessly violating every law on the book that  manifests good governance. It appears under the gavel of President Weah the Constitution of the Republic is more a symbol of democracy than a guide for genuine action. I thought these young indigenous poor men and women would remember where they came from to become National Leaders and would work very hard  to improve the deplorable condition our ordinary people find themselves in, due to past governments’ neglect and abuse. Instead, it has become crystal clear that our new breeds of young leaders has gotten consumed by greed and dishonesty, in the shortest period of time; and, are openly exhibiting inconsiderate behavior toward ordinary Liberians who are finding it difficult to live on US $1.25 a day.

The new Big Shots who now dress in Nigerian fashion designer suits, find pleasure in spending US $100.00 or more a day on entertainment. Moreover, beginning at 5:00pm daily, government vehicles are line up at various entertainment centers around the city on intimate rendezvous.   Nevertheless, we have now understood the ultimate reason the (CDC) Congress for Democratic Change struggled 12 years to gain state power was to change their lifestyle from rags to riches. Now it provides a clear picture that CDC is not a credible political institution in fighting corruption and put an end to the long suffering of our people.

There can be no doubt that one of the fundamental admiration for democracy is sustaining our democratic institution that will enhance the well-being of its people. Moreover, in any functioning constitutional democratic institution, citizens have the right to support a political leader of their choice they believe can better serve their interests and will. However, there are essential ingredients in electing a leader especially when he/she will serve the country as the president Our young inexperienced voters disregarded all rules and made a choice by electing a football legend who is politically inexperienced.  He has lowered the value of the presidency. His inability to effectively communicate his vision and agenda is causing the government to deteriorate at a fast speed. Prices of basic commodities  are skyrocketing while civil servants are yet to be paid for almost two months now. The candidate ran on a “Pro Poor” agenda but failed to articulate his vision. No wonder candidate George Weah dodged the presidential debate and I have come to conclusion that his supporters are aware of his impediment. 

Let not the (CDC) Congress for Democratic Change ignore or pretend to have memory loss and denying the basic rights of the ordinary Liberians. We are witnessing Liberians are becoming vocal once again against its government for the erosion of true leadership, neglect, abuse, incompetence, corruption and many more vices  undermine progress. Mr. President, to have a successful administration, do not compromise gravitating towards the standard of excellence.  Do not slide down the path that leads to the standard of acceptance for false praises and adoration.  

To be successful in life, gravitate towards the standard of excellence, not the standard of acceptance for mediocrity.

A dictator sees himself as a “very special” person, deserving admiration, constant worshipping and consequently, have difficulty empathizing with the feelings and needs of others. Not only do dictators commonly show a “pervasive pattern of imposingness, but they also tend to behave with vindictiveness and will not hesitate to eliminate an opposition from the face of the earth. It is glaring that  the loyalists of CDC are don’t understand that  Asset Declaration is just one of many tools for transparency and accountability, that we campaign for around the world, so that politicians act on behalf of their citizens and corruption is tackled.  Let us don’t live in denial.

Charles Russell
[email protected] Charlotte, North Carolina