The Editor,

Few months ago, the Government of Liberia students Bilateral students studying in China sought your intervention is seeking the Government of Liberia attention in addressing their plight. Today, It is with heart felt gratitude that the Government of Liberia Bilateral students in China write to extend sincerer appreciation for the time and effort invested in ensuring that our 9-month or 3-quarter allowances were remitted and disburse despite the prevailing economic situation back home.

Despite the long and painful delay, our allowances have finally been transferred to our various accounts in China for which we remain grateful to you and the entire FrontPageAfrica team for the contribution you made in ensuring our plights are addressed.

As we continue our studies to adequately equip ourselves for the challenges that lie ahead in contributing to the forward march of our common patrimony and help lift our compatriot from the carnage of poverty and disease, we look forward to your continuous support in ensuring our allowances are remitted in time to alleviate some of the challenges we have to go through while perusing our studies.

Thanks again for the hard work as we look forward to working with you in the not too far future in ensuring the plight of students studying aboard are address in reasonable time.

Jacob Arku Ziama

No. 47 Zhonghua Road

Fuxin city, Liaoning Province

People’s Republic of China[email protected]