Liberia: There Is No Place Like Home, But Prevention Is Better Than Cure



Because of my political commentaries over the years, I vowed not to return to Liberia when mass murderer Charles Taylor was on the rampage. I said the same thing to myself not to return to Liberia when Theif-in-Chief and confessed mastermind of the war, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was in power. I am now constrained to say the same thing that I don’t see myself returning to Liberia with what is happening now under the presidency of George Weah with these strange unexplained gruesome murders of Liberians. First, it was Matthew Innis and now the latest murders of four Liberia Revenue Authority auditors which appeared to be politically motivated.

There is no place like home but prevention is better than cure. As I near retirement after 40 years living in America, I rather remain here than to be drawn into the uncertainty of returning home to serve your country like some of the people murdered and then have your family members and friends grief and their source of support abruptly terminated in a lawless country. Yes, I love Liberia but I love myself and family also first. May God comfort the bereaved families of the murdered Liberians. 

What a way to encourage talented Liberians to return home to help with the development of our country, and also to encourage foreign investors to invest in Liberia. No amount of security or killings of people will deter hungry and suppressed people from challenging a regime with a failed economy and abuses the rights of citizens. Doe and Taylor had perhaps the best fighting forces but where are they today? Doe was murdered and Taylor is in jail for life. How will it end for Weah is his own call to make. But history is the best teacher. Just a thought and not a sermon. This FPA story to air later today, Tuesday on the authoritative and informative Liberian African News Service, LANS-720-721-4250.

Jerry Jerry Wehtee Wion 
[email protected]

Washington, DC ,USA