Liberia: Appointment of Paulette Findley as Officer-in-Charge at CARI Would Undermines Your Dream, Mr. President

Many who shared my view feel that there are no redlines left for terrorists to cross. This is a psychological war and succumbing to the strategies would give the enemies superior hand. Let stand up with one voice and call to win this war!

Mr. President,

Glad tidings of Liberia’s Independence President George M. Weah, Liberians home and the world over amidst these perilous yet hopeful times.

Let these lines remind all in Public Service of our national and civil responsibilities owed Liberia – one we tend to ignore, forget too soon or later as leaders and Public Servants answerable to – The People.

President Weah, the decision to appoint Mrs. Paulette E. Findley, Officer in Charge, Central Agricultural  Research Institute (CARI) undermines your dream of combating food insecurity, poverty, discourages education, scares and drives away Global Partnerships of Acclaimed Research Bodies, Researchers, Scientists as well as obliterates our only apex Agricultural Research Institute – CARI.

Moreover, this is an irreparable damage though not impossible to resolve but requires time and will to make the hardest yet difficult decision which is usually gold standard, Mr. President.

Finally, in view of the foregoing and because there is a need to have you enlightened, I have made A Self Invite for visitation at your residence or location on or before 26 July 2020.

Save the date, kindly.

Accept my assurances of the highest esteem.


Nykoi D. Jomah, PhD. (Epizootiology)