Liberia: An Inquiry into the Appointment of Alvin Teage Jalloh as Head of the Legal Department at the National Elections Commission


Madam Davidetta Brown Lansana


National Elections Commission (NEC) of Liberia 

9th Street, Sinkor

Monrovia, Liberia 

Dear Madam Chair,


We have been conducting research into the qualification of Alvin Teage Jalloh, the man you and your fellow Commission appointed as head of the Legal Department at the NEC. Madam Chair maybe you have been too busy and occupied with other matters and have not realize that Alvin Teage Jalloh does not meet the criteria to head the Legal Department at the NEC as enshrined in the Election Laws and Regulations.

I’ve been reading the election laws and regulations and found the following on page 90 of the printed version:


Sec. 2.14. Qualification – “Except a research officer who may be an Attorney-at-Law, anyone appointed as Legal Counsel must be a qualified lawyer and a Counsellor-at-Law, and must have practiced for not less than five (5) years prior to his or her appointment.”

Madam Chair and all other Commissioners of the NEC, your appointment of Alvin Jalloh is a blatant violation of the law and a gross disrespect of historical proportion.  

Again, maybe all of you have been too busy ignoring all the important issues and did not take note that the Supreme Court of Liberia recently denied this same Alvin Teage Jalloh of admittance to the Bar as Counsellor-at-Law because he informed the court that he is an American citizen. Even if he were admitted, he still would not qualify because he has not practice law for five years.

It beats my imagination that the Board of Commissioners headed by you Madam Chair that should be jealously guarding the elections law and regulations will actually be the one committing such blatant violations of those very laws. This in fact brings to question your capacity and ability to preside over the conduct of a free, fair and transparent elections in 2023.

Madam Chair and your fellow commissioners, I am serving this information free of charge so that you can have the opportunity to redeem yourself by immediately getting rid of Alvin Teage Jalloh who is causing enormous embarrassment for the NEC. If you do not take advantage of this opportunity to clean the mess, we will help you do it and will do so effectively and efficiently.


Mohammed Ali (Mo Ali)

National Secretary General 

Unity Party